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 "In the darkness of Space, Techsupport can't hear you scream..."


We want to bring you something more than just exclusive and rare space ships.

This time we have a new project from William, the lead Dev of Tin Can Studios in France.



 Individual Components floating in space

The premise of Tin Can is simple, you have survived a terrible disaster on your ship, and you are now hoping to survive in the un-shielded, barely holding together escape pod a.k.a. your very own "tin can".


Alarms will be ringing, you can just turn them off or simply rip them out, but that won’t stop whatever the "bad thing" is from happening. Each little component - the buttons, the alarms, the screens - simply everything is modeled and simulated within your capsule. You can spend your time reading the on-board journal (that’s what a smart person would do), or you can, like me, just touch everything until you touch the power socket and get electrocuted or remove the reactor shielding and experience the joys of acute radiation poisoning.

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If you want to prepare for the hardest things Star Citizen can throw at you,

get used to living in small compartments, and be in constant fear of death - then Tin Can is something you should not miss.




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 Commission Block




We believe in the projects we spotlight here; we are talking with the developers and are sharing ideas. That’s why we believe good projects should be seen and should be supported, that’s why we are initially taking 0% commission for each sale.


This will help get the project you care about off the ground and the developers can avoid a large commission fee, like Steam's, entirely.



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