Star Hangar - Terms of Service


1. Introduction

These Terms of Service regulate the relation of Star Hangar, LLC ("Star Hangar") with you as a customer along with Star Hangar’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), as any of the foregoing may be amended from time to time, together with any rules or instructions regarding a particular activity, poll, or other offerings to the extent that they expressly modify these Terms of Service (all such terms hereafter collectively “Star Hangar Terms”), govern your use of the Website and any other product, online service or web site offered by us. The Star Hangar Terms may be amended from time to time with respect to operational and similar matters.

Accepting these terms is mandatory for using Star Hangar services. If you do not agree to accept these terms of service, cease using Star Hangar Services and Website, or any part thereof immediately.

2. Star Hangar Website Account

You require a Star Hangar Website account to make purchases in our web store. If you have questions about account registration, please contact us at You are responsible for obtaining (at your own cost) all necessary devices and telecommunications services required to access Star Hangar Services.

Only “natural persons”, as opposed to any kinds of legal entities (e.g., corporations, limited liability companies, and/or partnerships) shall have the privilege of establishing an Account. By entering into these Terms of Service and creating an Account, you represent that you are an adult and have the legal capacity to enter into a contract in the jurisdiction where you reside. You agree to comply with these Terms of Service on behalf of yourself and agree not to share this account with any other person (including, but not limited to, any minor children for whom you are the parent or legal guardian). You further agree that you are solely responsible and entirely liable for all activities conducted through the authorized use of your Account and you are responsible for ensuring your password is not known to third parties, so as not to let third parties login to your account.

Star Hangar Services are not available for children under 13 years of age, nor do we knowingly collect information from children under 13 years of age.
If you wish to use purchase digital goods for your children, please contact and we can advise how your purchased items can be transferred to your child’s account (this is technically feasible, see also “Can I buy ships for my friends or for my family”  in our FAQ.

To create an Account, you must have a valid email address and provide truthful and accurate information. You must be eligible to use the Star Hangar Service for which you are registering. Star Hangar Services may require the creation of a “user name”. User names are tied to your Account. You may not use a user name or persona that is used by someone else, is vulgar or offensive, violates anybody’s trademark or similar rights, or otherwise violates any of the Star Hangar terms. Star Hangar reserves the right to block or remove any “user name” or “persona” if the use thereof violates any Star Hangar Terms, laws, or regulations, including, without limitation, personality rights, rights of privacy, or trademarks.

You are also responsible for all unauthorized activity on your Account to the extent that it is caused by your failure to safeguard your Account’s access credentials. Your Account may be suspended immediately and/or terminated after a notice of the breach if someone else uses it to engage in activity that violates these Terms of Service or is otherwise improper or illegal. You should not reveal your Account password to others. We will never ask you to reveal your Account password.

3. Rules of Conduct

You must not use the Website or any of the other Star Hangar Services in any improper or unlawful manner or in breach of any legislation or license that applies to you. Without limiting the foregoing, you must not use the Website or any of the Star Hangar Services in any of the following ways:

► Harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another user that is unwanted, such as repeatedly sending unwanted messages or making personal attacks or statements about race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, etc.
► Disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large images so the screen goes by too fast to read, use of excessive shouting (all caps) in an attempt to disturb other users, “spamming” or flooding (posting repetitive text) or use of any other methods to disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms.
► Impersonate another person (including celebrities), and indicate falsely or misleadingly that you are a Star Hangar employee or any of Star Hangar’s partners or affiliates.
► Harass sellers, or attempt to illicitly interfere with the sales and services provided by other sellers
► Attempt to get a password, account information, or other private information from anyone else on Star Hangar Services.
► Promote or encourage any illegal activity including hacking, cracking, or distribution of counterfeit software.
► Upload files that contain a virus or corrupted data.
► Post messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including advertising or promotional messaging, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other commercial activities.
► Send any form of Advertisement to Star Hangar customers, unless explicitly approved by Star Hangar
► Improperly use web support or make false reports to Star Hangar employees.
► Modify any part of the Star Hangar Services that Star Hangar does not specifically authorize you to modify.
► Post or communicate any other user’s real-world personal information using any of the Star Hangar Services.
► Attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers for any of the Star Hangar Services.
► Exploit errors in design, features that are not documented, and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available
► Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble all or any portion of Star Hangar Services.
► Facilitate, create, or maintain any unauthorized connection to any of the Star Hangar Services, including without limitation any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates, or attempts to emulate the Website and/or extracts data from it not expressly approved by Star Hangar
► Attempt to fake or mask the jurisdiction you are located in (e.g. by proxy servers etc.)

This above-referenced list of prohibitions only provides examples of unacceptable conduct and is not intended to be a complete or exclusive list of prohibited conduct. Your online conduct should be guided by common sense and respect for others who access and use Star Hangar Services (whether or not such third parties are registered users of Star Hangar Services) and for the employees and representatives of Star Hangar.

You must also obey all national and local laws, regulations, and rules that apply to your activities when you use Star Hangar Services. Star Hangar reserves the right to suspend the use of your Account and terminate your Account after notice of breach and to prevent your use of any and all Star Hangar Services if your Account is used to engage in illegal activity or in violation of these Terms of Service.

If you encounter another user who is violating any of the aforementioned rules of conduct, please report this activity to Star Hangar by contacting

4. Pricing, Charges & Billing

Any prices referred to on our Website are subject to change and based on current availability. We reserve the right to change our prices, fees, or billing methods at any time. Changes are in effect immediately upon being published on the Star Hangar Webpage. Prices published on other platforms Star Hangar operates on are not valid for purchases through Star Hangar Webpage.
If in doubt or if you have questions about pricing, please contact us at

5. Merchandise and Delivery

We reserve the right to notify you of any mistakes in any merchandise descriptions or errors in pricing prior to dispatching the merchandise you have ordered. In such an event, if you instruct us to proceed with the delivery of such merchandise, you acknowledge that such merchandise will be provided in accordance with such revised description or price. You further acknowledge that item images provided on the web pages are sample screenshots, non-gameplay relevant details such as creation date or system serial may differ on the delivered product. In case of individual seller mistakes in their product offers, sellers have the right to cancel and refund your purchase in full, at their own expense.

Once you have received your order confirmation email you will not be able to make any changes to your order so please make sure that everything is correct before clicking the ‘CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL’ button.

When you place an order for merchandise on our Website we will send you an order confirmation email. Our acceptance of your order does not take place until the dispatch of the merchandise you have ordered, at which point we will have agreed to enter into a contract with you for the purchase of the merchandise you have ordered and you will be charged for the purchase price of such merchandise.

For merchandise delivered by commission partners, Star Hangar takes full responsibility for proper delivery. We reserve the right to notify you and cancel an order and to fully refund a purchase, in case delivery fails or is not possible, due to reasons caused by third-party commission partners and outside the control of Star Hangar.

We will use our reasonable endeavors to ensure that digital merchandise is delivered to you within 24 hours after which you receive your order confirmation email, using digital transfer including especially email notifications to the email address belonging to your Star Hangar account, or in case of PayPal payment to the email belonging to your PayPal account, that you’ve used to purchase said merchandise. Title and risk in respect of the merchandise you have ordered will pass from us to you once that merchandise is delivered to the delivery address stated in your order. It is your responsibility to accept digital items that are sent to you. In the event that you do not accept delivery of the digital item within 120 days, you forfeit rights to the item back to Star Hangar or the commission seller of the item.
You hereby acknowledge and agree that merchandise is shipped to you from the nearest facility available to Star Hangar, which may, however, be outside your country or economic region. You are solely responsible for any and all applicable import duties, customs fees, and taxes that are payable on the merchandise you have ordered; and set out on your order.

You agree, that digital merchandise shipped may become account-bound to your respective game account and non-transferable upon arrival. You further agree, that for such digital merchandise that has become non-transferable upon arrival, you explicitly abandon any right of refund, as long as the delivered items match the content description as offered by Star Hangar’s Website or employees. You agree that digital merchandise may be delivered by digital means and without physical delivery.

6. Payment Options

You may make payments on Star Hangar Services by using the methods available for the particular Star Hangar Service and agreeing to the terms and conditions applicable to the payment method you choose.  Payment methods may vary by Star Hangar Service.  When you provide credit card or other payment information to Star Hangar, you represent to Star Hangar that you are the authorized user of the credit card or other payment method.

You must provide current, complete, and accurate information for your billing account. Star Hangar does not receive any confidential payment data from its payment providers, and Star Hangar is not responsible for their performance.  You must promptly update all information with the relevant payment provider to keep your billing account current, complete, and accurate (such as a change in billing address, credit card number, or credit card expiration date). Star Hangar does not store your credit card data – in case of loss or theft, you need to contact your payment service provider.

Customers who use a payment method other than a credit card may incur an additional payment processing fee. Any separate charges or obligations that you incur in your dealings with third-party payment providers are your responsibility.  Star Hangar reserves the right to change such payment providers at any time.

As the Account holder, you are responsible for all charges incurred, including applicable taxes, and all purchases made by you or anyone that uses your Account under your authorization, including your family or friends. This means that, unless your Account or payment information is obtained unlawfully or fraudulently by someone other than those authorized by you to use your Account, you will be responsible for all usage and purchases on your Account.

You acknowledge that pursuant to applicable finance, banking, and currency control regulations, any refunds may only be possible prior to the seller initiating the delivery process and may only be made to the same payment method (credit card, Paypal, or bank account), from which the payment was received, or to your Star Hangar Wallet to be used for alternate purchases, and may in no event exceed the amount of the payment received by Star Hangar. YOU AGREE THAT FOR REFUNDS, THAT ARE NOT AT THE FAULT OF STAR HANGAR OR ONE OF ITS SELLERS, A REFUND FEE OF 5% WILL BE RETAINED. THIS COVERS TRANSACTION FEES RETAINED BY THE PAYMENT PROCESSOR AND EFFORT-RELATED EXPENSES TO STAR HANGAR. WHERE PAYMENT PROVIDERS RETAIN A FEE LARGER THAN THIS AMOUNT, PAYMENT PROVIDER FEES WILL BE PUT IN CHARGE INSTEAD. YOU EXPLICITLY AGREE THAT ANY PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN CORRECTLY DELIVERED OR THAT HAVE BECOME ACCOUNT BOUND, ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AS DESCRIBED UNDER CHAPTER 5. MERCHANDISE AND DELIVERY. On request, we will inform you of the exact fee prior to processing your refund request. 

In the event that a refund is requested for a specific ship within an order that contains multiple ships, Star Hangar will process the refund solely for the ship in question. The refund will not extend to the entire order, but will be limited to the individual ship that is subject to the refund request.  

7. Digital Merchandise

Digital Merchandise includes game elements such as ships, characters, items, points, and credits (collectively, “Virtual Goods”), pledges that give you the rights to access the aforementioned game elements, and also blueprints to create such elements in the respective game. Virtual Goods remain the property of the corresponding game provider at all times and are subject to the game provider's reasonable rules and regulations as amended from time to time. You acknowledge and agree that you obtain a limited license right to access and use Virtual Goods which is governed by the corresponding game provider's Terms of Service and that Virtual Goods are not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value from the corresponding game provider at any time.  

Corresponding game providers are especially:

► Cloud Imperium Games for the Digital Merchandise belonging to the game “Star Citizen

Frozenbyte for the Digital Goods belonging to the game “Starbase


8. Consignment Partners

Listing your own digital merchandise on the Star Hangar webpage, you agree to comply with both the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy as lined out on this Website and you agree that Star Hangar may market and sell your goods under their own name and brand.

You agree to deliver ships sold on Star Hangar Terms and Conditions, within 24 hours after being notified and going into agreement with Star Hangar. You explicitly confirm to have understood, that delayed deliveries will void your right of payment. You explicitly agree that for merchandise you do not deliverable, or that you do deliver after this timeframe, a refund of 5% of the purchase price will be charged against your account to cover transactions fees retained by the payment processor, and effort related expenses to Star Hangar. Where payment providers retain fees larger than this amount, payment provider fees will be put in charge instead.

You further agree especially but not exclusively that:

– Items shipped to match the requested delivery by Star Hangar. You accept responsibility to ensure, the correct item is being sent.
– You ensure that products are properly described and that items delivered match the description. Features or products offered that are not included in delivery may void the right of payment.
– All goods delivered are legit content owned by you. You accept responsibility to ensure, that the items delivered were under your ownership and that you are responsible they have not been acquired by non-legit means, including especially but not exclusively: hacks, scams, or abuse of credit cards.
– You agree to refrain from any attempts to recover goods from the buyer via 3rd party means, especially through disputes via the corresponding Game Operator’s Support.
– You agree to refrain from trying to hire Star Hangar staff for your own companies or projects unless previously aligned and agreed with Star Hangar management.
– You agree that Star Hangar only sends seller payments via PayPal, Payoneer, or through a custom Credit Card payment processor of yours.
– You agree to be paid for your Star Hangar deliveries within 3 business days of requesting the payout and that third-party payment provider fees for receiving payments are within your responsibility.

9. General Terms

If any provision in these Terms of Service is held invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of Star Hangar.

Failure of Star Hangar to exercise or enforce any right or provision contained in these Terms of Service will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any waiver of any provision of these Terms of Service will be effective only if in writing and signed by Star Hangar.

Star Hangar shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside the reasonable control of Star Hangar (“Force Majeure”), including, without limitation, any failure to perform here due to unforeseen circumstances or cause beyond Star Hangar’s control such as especially but not exclusively war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, or strikes.

Star Hangar reserves the right to temporarily pause its online web services for maintenance without prior announcement or compensation. 

These Terms of Service shall be governed and construed by USA law. By using Star Hangar Services you agree to negotiate any dispute with Star Hangar directly and you forfeit your right to involve US court or other courts.

10 Intellectual Property

Star Hangar Content is owned by Star Hangar and is protected by US and international copyright. You may not copy or download any Star Hangar Content from any of the Star Hangar Services unless expressly authorized by us in writing or the Star Hangar Terms.

Star Hangar gaming Screenshots may be downloaded for personal offline use, but you may neither share this content online nor use it for another business purpose.

You agree not to remove, obscure, or alter any copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices affixed to any Star Hangar Content. You may not sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly perform or display, transmit, publish, edit, adapt, create derivative works from, or otherwise make unauthorized use of Star Hangar Content. Star Hangar reserves all rights in Star Hangar owned and licensed Star Hangar Content that is not expressly granted to you in these Terms of Service. You acknowledge that Star Hangar and/or our third-party licensors remain the owners of all of the Star Hangar Content included on Star Hangar Services and that you do not acquire any of those ownership rights by downloading any of the Star Hangar Content or accessing any of the Star Hangar Services.

Making unauthorized copies of any of the Star Hangar Content may result in the termination of your Account(s) after notice of breach, you are being prohibited from using any Star Hangar RSI Services, and further civil or criminal legal action being brought against you by us and/or our third-party licensors. Star Hangar Content owners may take criminal or civil action against you for unauthorized use of their intellectual property.

11. Limitations on Warranty and Liability

You acknowledge and agree, that Star Hangar, its licensors, and affiliates are not liable for any act or failure to act by them or any other person regarding conduct, communication, or content on any of the Star Hangar Services or by use of the Star Hangar Website. In no case shall Star Hangar or its licensors, affiliates, employees, or directors (collectively as “Star Hangar Affiliates”) liability exceed the amount that you paid to Star Hangar for Star Hangar Services. Save as set out in these terms of service, none of the Star Hangar Affiliates shall be liable to you for any direct, general, incidental, special, or consequential damages, including loss of profit or revenues arising from the use of Star Hangar services, including especially the Star Hangar Website, the internet or any other claim related in any way to your use of any Star Hangar services or your Star Hangar account. Star Hangar is in no way liable for issues or damage occurring with the corresponding game provider, related in any way to using digital merchandise purchased from Star Hangar.

Upon Star Hangar’s request, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless each of the Star Hangar Affiliates and Star Hangar Commission partners from all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, that arise from a breach of these Terms of Service, or any other Star Hangar Terms, for which you are responsible or in connection with your communication and activity on the Star Hangar Services. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree to indemnify and hold Star Hangar harmless for any improper or illegal use of your Account, including the illegal or improper use of your Account by someone to whom you have given permission to use your Account.

Star Hangar also offers content for games prior to the game's final release. You agree that digital merchandise for such games may not yet be available in-game at the time of purchase or that such content may be changed until the time of release. If you are unsure whether an item is already available in-game, please contact our Customer Support.

Star Hangar reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. In that event, you shall have no further obligation to provide indemnification to Star Hangar in that matter.


12. Star Hangar 100% Secure Protection

Products covered by Star Hangar's 100% Secure Guarantee are marked by this badge: 

Products marked by the above badge are covered by Star Hangar's security program and will include additional protection post-sale, including the correct delivery of the product, protection against fraudulent item removal, protection against seller disputes, and protection against account recovery (for bought accounts) for up to 100 days after purchase. In case of any such issues, Star Hangar shall ensure the issue is resolved and an adequate product is delivered, or provide a full refund. 
Please contact Star Hangar support, either through live chat or via email, and we will guide you through the recovery process. 
For any issue after 100 days, please also contact our staff who will, within reason, do their best to assist you and support you with any disputes that occur. 


Star Hangar support is available 24/7 and will resolve your issues, without the involvement of your payment provider and the additional fees they involve. 


We kindly remind you that our coverage cannot apply in scenarios where the game developer has imposed a ban due to Terms of Service (ToS) violations. Star Hangar is unfortunately unable to take responsibility or offer assistance in these situations. For a smooth gaming experience, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with and respect the game's ToS. We're here to help with everything else!  


13. Jurisdiction

You agree that all matters relating to your access to or use of the Star Hangar, including all disputes, will be governed by the laws of the United States and by the laws of the State of Virginia without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. You agree to the personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and federal courts in Stafford County, Virginia, and waive any objection to such jurisdiction or venue. You further agree that any claim against Star Hangar must be brought within 90 days of purchase or sale, or such claim or cause of action is barred. No recovery against Star Hangar may be sought or received for damages exceeding the value spent on our site. In the event of any controversy or dispute between Star Hangar and you, the parties shall first attempt, promptly and in good faith, to resolve any such dispute before going to the courts. If we are unable to resolve any such dispute within a reasonable time (not to exceed thirty (30) days), then either party may submit such controversy or dispute to mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the parties shall be free to pursue any right or remedy available to them under applicable law.

14. Account Cancellation and Termination

You have the right to cancel your Account at any time. To do so, please contact After you have canceled your Account, Star Hangar will on request erase any personal information of yours that is not required to be retained based on laws and regulations, especially tax reporting requirements.

Star Hangar may immediately suspend or terminate your Account(s) (and access to all related elements) after notifying you of your breach of these Terms of Service, or any illegal or improper use of any of your Account(s), or your illegal or improper use of the Star Hangar Services, products, or Star Hangar Content. You may lose your user names and personas as a result of your Account(s) being terminated. If Star Hangar terminates your Account(s), you may not participate in a Star Hangar Service again without Star Hangar’s express permission. To participate in Star Hangar Services after such termination, contact us at Star Hangar reserves the right to refuse to keep Accounts for and provide any of the Star Hangar Services to, any individual. You may not allow individuals whose Accounts have been terminated by Star Hangar to use your Account.


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