How to create a Stripe Account and Request Star Hangar Payouts

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This guide is a best practice recommendation for sellers. Using Stripe may help sellers reduce their expenses and enjoy lower fees as compared to using PayPal - plus, it's quick and easy to set up too. 

This guide is based on seller feedback and provided to you with our best effort.
Star Hangar is not liable for problems occurring with stripe, so please inform yourself diligently. 

Nonetheless, we recommend using Stripe to 

What is Stripe?  

Stripe is a payment services provider that lets merchants accept credit and debit cards or other payments. It is used by some of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon and Shopify.

Stripe payments are best suited for business owners who do much of their business online, as most of its unique features — such as its open application programming interface and ability to accept more than 135 currencies — are primarily relevant to online sales. 


Which countries are Stripe supported?   

  Australia                   Finland              Latvia                  Portugal                United States              

  Austria                      France               Lithuania             Romania

  Belgium                    Germany            Luxembourg       Singapore

  Brazil                        Greece               Malaysia              Slovakia

  Bulgaria                    Hong Kong        Malta                    Slovenia

  Canada                      Hungary            Mexico                 Spain

  Cyprus                       India                  Netherlands        Sweden

  Czech Republic         Ireland               New Zealand      Switzerland

  Denmark                   Italy                   Norway               United Arab Emirates

  Estonia                      Japan                 Poland                United Kingdom


Your country it is supported by Stripe? Let´s check how to create an account on it. 


How to create an account on Stripe?

Creating an account on Stripe is pretty simple. To start you will need to register yourself on their Website will be directed to this page asking for your information (Email, Full name, country, and password to access your account).

                                                                     Create Stripe Account for Star Hangar Payouts 

Once you finish this part, you will receive a verifying account email. With the email verified you will have access to Stripes Dashboard and will need to activate your payments. 

Activate Stripe Account for Star Hangar Payouts

To do it you will need to fill in the form below with information about what you are selling (in this case digital goods), link your bank account to Stripe, choose a two-step verification to get your account safe, and review all the information put in and finish it.

Set up your Business in Stripe for Star Hangar Payouts 

Now your account is already created and activated, you can start receiving your payments!!


How to request a cashout from Star Hangar via Stripe?

Step 1: You will need to access the page "my account" and click on "Credits, refunds & Checkouts" after it clicks on "Click here to Cashout" .  

Request Payouts to Stripe on Star Hangar

Step 2:  When you request a Cashout, you will be directed to this form that will be needed to get filled with your billing address information. 

Request Stripe Payouts on Star Hangar, Part 2 

Step 3: In this step, you will need to choose the Payment provider, and the right one, in this case, is the "Custom Merchant Payment",  afterward click on "cashout". 

Use Custom Merchant Payment for Stripe Payouts on Star Hangar 

On this page, you will need to put the payment link and the amount you want to cash out. The next steps will show how to create this link on Stripe.  

Stripe Cashout Request on Star Hangar

Step 4: Access your Stripes dashboard, on the home page you will need to look for the dropdown menu "Create" and choose "payment link"

Generate a Stripe Payout URL for Star Hangar  

You will be directed to a form to create this payment link. 


Step 5: In this step, you will need to create a "product" that will be priced with the amount of your cash out. Just click on Add a product and name it "Star Hangar cashout"  and click on "Create link"

Generate Stripe Payout URL for Star Hangar, Part 2  

Clicking on "Create link" you will be directed to this page.  

Generate Stripe Payout URL for Star Hangar, Part 3

Step 6: Just copy the link and paste to the Star Hangars page you already opened in the third step with the desired amount to request and click on "cashout".

Finalize Star Hangar Payout Request with Stripe URL    


After this process, your funds will be in your Stripe account within 24 hours. For more information about this process, please feel free to contact us. 

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