This is a guide to help new customers and new Star Citizen players on hos to get started and to not become lost in the myriad of options available.

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New to Star Citizen?

If you are new to Star Citizen, you will need two things to play the game:

  1. You need Account with RSI - such an account can be created here on the RSI website
    While signing up, don't miss the chance for our referral bonus which gets you a free 5.000 UEC for use in game and a $10 discount voucher for your first game package bought in our store.
    Please see our Buyer's FAQ for details.

  2. You need a game package (= game license) to play the game.
    there are two game licenses available right now: The Star Citizen game itself and Squadron 42, an Add-On Single player campaign - we'd recommend you to get both.
    Game packages can be bought at the RSI webstore, however you'll typically find more choice and cheaper options on our webpage:

    Find your preferred starter package in our store:

If you are unsure what ship or package is the best one to start with, check out our Ship Guide or join us in Live Chat where we and other Star Citizen players will gladly discuss all available options with you!

Once you have created your account, bought a game package you can now download your Star Citizen game client. You may then browse our store for additional items to get yourself a head start into the game. 

Please find a few links below that you may find of interest:

New to Star Hangar?

Once you're more familiar with our site, you'll find a miriad of choices in our store. If you want tbest find your way through filters, attributes and those little neat tricks that make your life easier, then this page is the perfect place for you.

Searching for your favorite product, there's three tools that can help you:


Search bar

The fastest way to find what you are looking for is our search bar that you can access by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the header:

Star Hangar Search Function

Star Hangar uses Elastic Search, meaning you can combine keywords to narrow down results in a clever way, so if you were to e.g. search for "300i Squadron 42" our search engine will return you 300i game packages with Squadron 42 as the preferred match, but will also suggest alternate 300i bundles or Squadron 42 game packs with alternate ships as later results:

Search Result

Feel free to be creative and as a suggestion, place more relevant keywords first in your search string.


Main Menu

Star Hangar Main Menu

While you can use our main menu to browse for a specific product, This is the main menu that allows you to quickly find the items based on their type, manufacturer and model. For example if you are looking for Avenger Stalker, simply hover your mouse over "Spaceships and Upgrades" then "Aegis Dynamics" then "Avenger" and finally click on "Stalker" submenu.


Doing so will allow you to see all of the Avenger Stalkers that we have available for sale on our website! In case you need to do a broader search and find all types of Avengers then reapeat the same process but this time click on "Avenger" submenu. This way you will see all of the types of Avengers that we have in stock. Simple and easy when you know what you're looking for. Don't forget to check out our ship guide and our vehicle guide though - especially when you have a good idea of what you're looking for, these guides can still offer a great overview of what alternatives you might want to check out as well.


Atributes and Filters

The volume of products available can be overwhelming. A good idea is hence to use Attributes and filters to narrow down your search and its especially effective to use this option in conjunction with either Search or Main Menu results.

Let's assume that you've used the menu as described before to find all of the possible Avengers that we have in stock. Since you've used the menu to search for them you will see only Aegis Avengers but the results now contains both standalone ships as well as game packages. In this example we hence assume you are looking for a standalone ship, Avenger Stalker with Life Time Insurance. Let's find out the way to narrow our results to just this exact item. 

To narrow your search you can now filter by attribue, as shown in the screenshot below. Attribute filters allow selecting multiple options at the same time. Browse the menu and select options of interest to you - e.g. in this example Insurance --> Lifetime Insurance, Package Type --> Single Item and Category --> 'Stalker':

Attribute Filters

Once all of the filters you want to be applied are chosen, you simply click the "apply filters" button which will filter the results for you:

Filters Applied

Use the small X buttons to remove filters (or simply use the clear filter button to wipe them all):

Removing Filters

As you can see filtering is quite simple but you need to remember that the types of filters that are shown, depend on both the menu you've selected and the items currently on stock. E.g. if no LTI ships are available for the particular product you've chosen, the filter will not provide LTI as an option.


Sorting items

As the name suggest you can sort items by their name (A-Z) and by price (lowest - highest). You can also sort by package type (single item > game > game + SQ42 > collectors edition > upgrade > add-on) and insurance (no insurance > ... > LTI) - however for these later two, using the attribute filter is usually the preferable option.

buyer guide - sorting function


Useful to know

A few more things you might find really useful:

  • Favorite Results
    Each filter setting generates a unique web URL. This means if you have a favorite search (e.g. a search for 300i game packages with SQ42, filtered for LTI) you can just add that search result to your favorites in your browser, so next time you search for the same product types, you can just jump there directly.
  • Wish List
    If you find a product you might like, click on its title to see the detailed description. On the right hand side you then have the option to add the product to your wish list. Doing so will memorize the product and you will later find it in your wish list
  • Search clever
    use multiple keywords for a more specific search. The closest match will be returned first. If there are too many results, use filters to remove results that aren't applicable.
  • Flash Sale
    Star Hangar labels special sale products with a 'Flash Sale' prefix in the product name - search for it ;)

This is basically it. In case you have any additional issues with finding the item you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us in live support chat or to email us at:

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