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We are always looking to expand into the greatness of space.

We will always strive further, no matter how deep we need to voyage. From one of our explorations, we have brought you Star Base.


You can now design and sell your own Blueprints on Star-Hangar.com!


List and design Blueprints of your own Ships and Stations in Starbase for others to enjoy. Make the countless hours spent designing and learning finally worth it and see your own creations in the universe. Who knows, maybe you even designed "the one Model X" everyone is using!



How to list your Blueprints?


Simply apply as a seller at Star-Hangar.com and go through the verification process. Once done you can list your very own Blueprints.

If you have any questions regarding Star Base listing you may find them in our FAQs.

Star Base Seller FAQs
Star Base Buyer FAQ

To receive full support on more specific questions, please reach out to us on the following channels:

- Discord 24/7 Live Support Chat
- Helpdesk Ticketing
- Email: office@star-hangar.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


Your Star Hangar Team




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