Individual Stores – Technical Implementation


Why this change?

We’ve frequently seen issues, that Star-Hangar is believed to be the main seller of all items sold on our webpage. In reality, Star-Hangar is a marketplace for various individuals to trade their virtual assets!

Adding Seller Stores resolves that issue by increasing transparency as to both the true originator of offer and to the volume of offers available, making our marketplace more attractive to buyers and sellers alike. We expect this to create a more thriving market place allowing both sellers and buyers to benefit from the change. Prices for all items should come to more natural and predictable levels and existing sellers will also benefit, since it means overall more customers browsing their products and the ability to customize pricing based on market demands. Star-Hangar remains responsible for sales process and applies its years of experience to ensure the marketplace is kept as secure as possible. We believe this change will benefit everyone using our marketplace and look forward to bringing you more positive updates in the coming months!


Frontend View

Stores offer this functionality:

– Sellers may to choose an individual store name

– Direct Store access: ‘’

– Buyers can search for your store name

– Items display with your store name in the main view

– Optional, custom images can be added to sales

Your store will display as is shown in the test image here on the right.

Sellers need to register their store, in order to benefit of this new functionality. Sellers not yet registered will be treated as by the existing commission model and their products listed with a generic “Commission >” prefix, rather than your personal store name.


Process Change

Neither the sales nor the commission process change and Star-Hangar remains responsible throughout the sale. Unchanged, sellers only need to ship items once they have sold.

Nonetheless what looks like a simple frontend change has a severe security implications: Allowing custom seller identity with unrestrained product pricing threatens to opens doors to scammers and hackers who want to dump their goods, as is an ever-present threat on unregulated market places. To prevent that risk, additional security measures have been implemented by our staff.

Star-Hangar uses its unique position, acting as a re-seller of items and escrow between buyer and seller, to protect both sides: Verifying seller identity and signing a legal frame contract, we can ensure that all sellers are known and tangible persons, without having to reveal their identity to our buyers. This in turn allows us to give the sellers the freedom they desire, without having to fear abusive customer scams.

I hope you’re as excited about this change as we are and I’d like to invite all new and existing sellers, and will support us in our endeavour to build a better market place, by upgrading your new or existing seller account to become a registered store!