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As today by Dec. 14th, I’m very excited to announce an upcoming change, that will introduce new functionality and more transparency within the Star-Hangar marketplace, addressing what has historically been one of our most requested issues:


NEW: Individual Seller Stores!

Commission Sellers receive a new ability to custom name their store on the Star-Hangar marketplace! You can now choose your own store name and refer people directly to all the items you currently have listed for sale on Star-Hangar.

Your own store on the Star-Hangar marketplace will allow your items to permanently show on our store page and you can now choose your own personal pricing as you see fit – this allows you to undercut your competition or make special deals for customers whenever you want to speed up your sales 🙂


NEW: Improved Transparency!

As a buyer, you now have full transparency on where your ships are coming from: browse and search for your favorite sellers to compare their prices
Expect more transparency and a larger choice of products and sellers to choose from!


NEW: Increased Security!

What seems a small change at first, was only made possible by impressive achievements in security! Our attention to this arena has made a significant positive impact and this can be seen easily when comparing with other market places that barely care about customers; I’m sure most of you know what I mean.

We are so confident in our secure processes, that we can now share (most all) of how we make trading safer for you:
Find out more about, by reading about our customer protection measures!
Existing sellers, please check out our new seller registration process, for an upgrade to your own Star-Hangar Shop!


Unchanged: Easy Purchases!

As a buyer, your purchase experience is unchanged: you can still buy directly from Star-Hangar or items that are listed on consignment with Star-Hangar by sellers. Direct interaction with the seller is still not required. Star-Hangar team continues to ensure that for your goods arrive as promised and in time!

As a seller, no additional effort is needed, Star-Hangar continues to take care of everything and all you need to do is to continue shipping your items as you are now, whenever one has sold!

Want to know more?
Read the technical implementation details or contact our sales team via our (near) 24/7 live chat or via email.