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  1. 125a to Origin G12 Upgrade (Touring/Cargo)
  2. Origin G12A - LTI - Warbond Product Image
    Single item/LTI
    Seller: Star Hangar
  3. Cyclone to Origin G12 Upgrade (Touring/Cargo)
  4. G12 10y Ins.
    Single item/10y ins.
    Seller: Game.Kingdom
  5. Mustang Gamma to Origin G12 Upgrade (Touring/Cargo)
  6. Mustang Omega to Origin G12 Upgrade (Touring/Cargo)
  7. Origin G12 - LTI - Original Concept
    Single item/LTI
    Seller: Ship Load
  8. Origin G12 - Original Concept (LTI)
  9. Origin G12 LTI
    Single item/LTI
    Seller: Sck Ships
  10. Origin G12 to CNOU Mustang Delta CCU
  11. Origin G12 to Origin G12A CCU
  12. Origin G12 to Origin G12a Upgrade (Combat)
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