Buyers Guide: Argo Cargo

Argo header image, against a black sky

The basics

No frills, no fuss. Argo optimized their cargo ship’s design and operation for one thing: function. From the minimal yet spacious single-crew cockpit, right down to the low-profile loading ramp, the Argo Cargo was made for those who value hard work and determination. A lot of dangerous work in the galaxy requires a craft with high visibility, ease of access, and precision handling. Fortunately for you, Argo’s engineers took those requirements and constructed an absolute thoroughbred.

Two side doors and a rear loading deck enable quick and efficient loading of cargo. Inside, access ports and single cargo hold seat make for easy monitoring of shipments, increasing the security of all your shipments. Massive windscreens provide a complete 180-degree view. Matched with award-winning engines and a simple yet effective yoke, this multi-utility ship has no qualms whatsoever navigating every obstacle thrown its way. It’s the ship for the indestructible spirit…the indestructible you.

SH Argo Cargo, in the hangar

Recommended uses for the Argo Cargo:

    1. Cargo transfer
    1. Construction
    1. Search and rescue
    1. Firefighting
    1. Ranchers

Find your own Argo Cargo

Take this trusty utility craft into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“Don’t even think about challenging me and ol’ Berta. You’ll lose every time.” ~ Maura Torres, Dusty Ring Shipping Employee of the Month

On a shipyard, your job is to move cargo and to move it quickly. So when young Maura Torres and her Argo Cargo found themselves in the shipyard nation of the Kilian system, they were right at home. Thanks to the Cargo’s design, the transfer of supplies to and from containers is as simple as opening the little ship’s rear hatch. It’s no wonder that in just a few short weeks, Torres found herself Employee of the Month.

Outperforming even the most veteran of workers, Torres and her “ol’ Berta” soon drew the attention of her superiors. Within three months, Dust Ring Shipping had completely overhauled their fleet and replaced every out-of-date ship with an Argo Cargo.

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