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Built to be both a naval patrol ship and a flagship for militia operations, the Polaris’ versatility makes it an ideal vessel to accomplish a wide variety of objectives. Whether on a search and rescue operation, light strike mission, or general security patrol, RSI’s latest cap-ship is ready to help bring safety and security to your system.
The Polaris was fast-tracked for development following last year’s Vanduul attack on the Vega System. The request-for-proposal specified a smaller, first-response alternative to the Idris-class frigates currently serving with both the UEE Navy and private concerns. Roberts Space Industries’ Polaris bid was selected due to its unique combination of a fully equipped small craft hangar and an array of torpedo tubes that let it punch above its weight class.


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As part of the recent Militia Mobilization Initiative, the Polaris is being made available to Citizens so they can protect contested and dangerous regions around the Empire. The UEE military will also utilize the Polaris as a standard patrol and picket ship, where it is expected to be especially effective supporting larger fleet movements. A percentage of funds from the Polaris sale will support continued mobilization and relief efforts across the Empire.




If you are interested in delivering precise and devastating strikes on capital scale, the Polaris is the best craft to do so. Get your own Polaris today – visit our store to see available purchase options.

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