Alien Craft Guide

 Discover the best alien shipwrights have to offer with our alien craft guide!



 Aopoa Banner



Coming from the Xi'an Aopoa are an unmistakable line of ships built for speed, maneuverability, and deadly efficiency.





 The Khartu-Al in flight mode





An extraordinary light fighter built for escort and patrol missions in a support role

for a larger fleet, and capable of effectively defending station or ground targets. The

Khartu-Al features a robust weapons system and armor to help any pilot hold their own in a fight.









 The San'Tok'Yai at a mountainside base.





A more durable and better armed sibling to the Khartu-Al, the San'tok'yai retains

the dexterity and track record Aopoa is known for, while packing even more of a bite. This

ship is best suited for fleet security and large scale engagements where it's power and speed

give it an edge on the competition.







 The Aopoa Nox





The supreme response from the Xi'an, the Nox outpaces the competition on the ground

and in space, providing unparalleled speed and maneuverability.







Esperia Banner


The essence of alien ships built with the technological advancement of human kind.


 The Glaive flying through space





Cousin to the Vanduul Scythe, the Glaive provides a heavier complement of

weapons to deliver a punishing blow to attackers. This variant features increased armor

and weapons systems suitable for a squadron leader or fleet attack vehicle. 








 The Prowler in action






The perfect intersection of human and alien technology, the Prowler is a

dedicated dropship with the weapons systems and armor to insert a combat team into

the fiercest of enemy positions while holding it's own.







Vanduul Banner



The Vanduul threat has seen many sleek and deadly new ships on the battlefield, now available for human purchase.



 The Scythe flying through space


Taking up the vast majority of fighting roles for the Vanduul, the Scythe is an

exceptional fighter outfitted with a full set of maneuvering thrusters, missile suite, and and

impressive complement of weapons. This ship is build to take on other fighter threats in

support of a larger fleet, but can hold it's own in deep space.





Banu Banner



The intuitive nature of the Banu to combine technology has resulted in a some of the most capable ships in the verse.




 The Defender at a desert outpost


 A multi-crew light fighter built primarily for escort missions, the Defender works

best in groups to take down enemy threats to it's fleet, featuring a modest weapons system

and complementary missile suite. The Defender is an apt choice for any escort role.












 The Merchantman conducting trade missions.


The dominating pride of the Banu ship line, this Heavy Freighter is more than

capable of delivering goods across the 'verse. Large thrusters and advanced propulsion

technology allows the Merchantmen to haul huge amounts of trade goods to supply anything

from stations to fleets. The merchantman knows better than anyone that civilization lives on

it's trade.







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