Star Citizen Refund Options

Want to quit Star Citizen?

You’ve invested your money into Star Citizen and now you regret that move. How do you get a refund?

Star Citizen is a huge project that’s taking years to develop. For some people, that’s just too long.
What was originally a 2 year project to code a single player space sim with multiplayer elements, turned into a vast simulated multiplayer universe. Motion capture, Orchestra sounds, walkable with seamless transitions, hundreds of space ships and modules, dynamic missions, complex believable AI; it all turned Star Citizen into the game of our dreams… but this comes at a price: higher development time.

While I’m convinced Star Citizen is a game that is yet to blow our minds, I know there’s multiple reasons for leaving Star Citizen:
Whether your believes in RSI were shattered or whether its financial needs, lack of time and new hobbies, or whether your life has changed and gaming is no longer as important as it used to be a few years back. Whatever the cause, you may want to get your money back to use it elsewhere. Allow me hence to explain, the three options you now have:

1. RSI Refund

Yes, its true – RSI is known to offer refunds and has described the corresponding process in detail. Check out their Star Citizen Refund Article, which describes the process well.

This approach is rather extreme and there’s very few cases where I would recommend it, since it comes with disadvantages and limitations:

  1. It takes a lot of time – you need to be tedious in documentation and need a lot of communication with CIG, who may take extensive time for answers.
  2. A full refund is not guaranteed – You depend on your own tenacity and on RSI’s compromise
  3. Only items bought directly from CIG can be refunded
  4. You won’t get the market value for items of higher value
  5. It’s all or nothing – you won’t get to keep your account

Considering the effort involved, I only recommend this approach if all other options offer mediocre results and (!) if you’re both not in a rush and absolutely sure that you won’t want to play Star Citizen.

Note that it may not always be necessary to go that far: If you’re really in financial issues, try a friendly mail to RSI, explaining your situation. You’ll find this is often sufficient to achieve an exception and to refund recently bought items – after all, RSI is typically a company that likes to help their fans.

2. Item Sale

The Star-Citizen assets that you’ve bought are valuable!

Depending on what you’ve acquired, your assets can be pretty valuable. You should always be able to recover a good share of your original invest, but its not unusual for some of your assets to be worth more than what you’ve originally paid. Nevertheless RSI would refund only the invested sum. Star-Hangar however is a market place, that allows you to sell these assets at your own terms and leisure. Star-Hangar staff will gladly help reveal the true value of your items and advise on best sales strategies. Its up to you how quickly you want to sell them and how much you want for them. Star-Hangar will take care of all marketing, sales and ensures you receive a safe payment and you can sleep well, since Star-Hangar is protecting you from illicit scams.

For detailed information of how to sell your ships, see Star-Hangar’s Sales Guide and or contact Star-Hangar Staff on EMail.

This method tends to give good and reliable results and as a bonus you get to keep your account! While this may not seem of interest right now, keep in mind that this way you retain the option to return to playing the game whenever you want. Also, you don’t have to sell everything – you can sell individual assets while retaining others, thereby reducing your investment while still retaining the ability to play the game!
Should you return to the game later, e.g. using only a cheap game package, you will still have any backer boni you’ve acquired so far.

3. Instant Cash

If you need money fast, Star Hangar can help!

The first options take a significant amount of time, but Star Hangar can also buy all your ships and assets directly off you: Safe and instant payment guaranteed!

I do not recommend this as the best option, since the previous method will get you better results, but if you want it all done like “tonight”, that’s the way to go. All we need is screenshots of your account and of its (melt-able) assets. We will then provide you a detailed offer and instructions how we could go about the trade. Signing a corresponding contract and transferring the assets, you will then receive PayPal payment for your assets within the same day.

Please contact Star Hangar Staff on EMail for a detailed offer.


I hope this information provides you an overview on what to do if you want to quit from Star-Citizen. Should you have any other questions or concerns feel welcome to contact our staff in live chat for further information!