Selling on Star Hangar

Star-Hangar is an open market platform, that enables you to sell products of your own both easy as well as safely as possible:


Reliable Consignment Process

List your own ships at your terms, while enjoying Star-Hangar’s experienced team to handle everything else in background for you!

Simply Register as a verified seller and you’re good to go!
Sellers registered prior to Dec. 14th 2017 and sellers of very limited volumes may also use our simplified consignment registration, with restrictions applicable.

Once registered, selling items is easy as can be, simply EMail us:

► your Star-Hangar webpage user id (only the user login id please; we’ll never ask you for your password!)
► the ship or item you want to sell (please include a detailed screenshot and make sure the ‘gift’ button is visible)
► the minimum price you’d accept for it (i.e. how much you want to have net, after all fees)

Note that you can currently commission ships and items that you have as options in your account’s buyback list. In that case, please send us the screenshot of these options. If you’re unsure as to pricing, our team will gladly provide you with recommendations.

Star-Hangar charges 8.7% + 0,35 USD consignment fee for verified sellers as well as an accumulated 9.6% transfer fees from PayPal, which will be added towards the buyer’s price. (Note: non-registered sellers have a 10% + 0,55 USD consignment fee plus an accumulated 9.6% transfer fees from PayPal applicable)

Would you like to know more? Check here to learn more about our processes and security measures that protects buyers and sellers:


Selling ships directly to Star Hangar

No matter if its a single ship you want to part with or whether you’re looking for Star Citizen refund options, Star-Hangar will support you! While you usually get the best result by listing your ships, sometimes an instant sale may be preferable – maybe because an instant payment is required, or because your your ships & items have become account bound. In such a case we gladly help with a direct purchase: easy transfer & safe payment right after delivery!

In order to purchase your assets, simply contact us to sell ships directly to Star Hangar, providing this information:

► Screenshots of your ships & items in your hangar (please specify or include in screenshot whether these items are still gift-able!)
► a verified paypal address of yours, as to where to send the payment

We will then gladly provide you a corresponding purchase offer!