Purpose of this Manual

This manual provides instructions for effectively selling items on Star-Hangar, guiding you through your first steps from registering to the inside tricks of used by pro traders.

Being a living document, we'll do our best to update this manual frequently in order to keep it up to date with the latest developments. Should you have concerns or additional questions that you don’t find answered, please drop us a note to office@star-hangar.com and we’ll do our best to improve it further.


Creating your account

Before you can become a seller, you first need to register a regular customer account (unless of course you already have one). Doing so is a very easy process:

Having arrived back at the webpage, you can now apply for seller privileges.


Apply for seller privileges

To become a seller, it is mandatory to establish a legal contract, that enables and entitles Star-Hangar to sell items on your behalf. Important to know is that this is a one-time action and that the contract you sign is valid without expiration unless revoked by you. The contract further entitles you to sell any number of items, both physical and virtual, both for Star-Hangar or effectively any other game you want.
For selling items in games not yet supported by our webpage, please get in touch with our staff by opening a support ticket and we’ll review the request and if possible add that game to the list.


To apply for your seller privileges sign in with your customer account and go here:


https://star-hangar.com/marketplace/account/becomeseller/You’ll be asked to submit 3 pieces of information:

  • Shop URL
    Star-Hangar.com offers you a store-in-store concept: You will have your personal
    Store page his will be the display name of your store, which can be directly accessed by your friends and customers.

    Once approved, you can send customers directly to your store: https://star-hangar.com/shop/<your_storename>


Your store name may consist of letters and numbers. Both upper and lower case may be used. A minus in the URL is allowed and will automatically translate to blanks in your display name.

  • ID Card
    We require an ID (Identity card, Passport or Driving License) to verify your identity. Please ensure your name and signature are readable.
    As to concerns for security, feel free to blacken out confidential data such as the document’s serial, just please ensure it remains visible that its an official and valid document.
    All your data will be stored encrypted and special protected and will not be used for sale- or marketing purposes and they will only be used to verify your identity and as manner of proof in case of fraudulent acts against Star-Hangar.

  • Contract
    Please sign your frame agreement with us, which will entitle us to market and sell items on your behalf.
    You can download and print the contract form here

Please print out the contract and have it notarized signed.
Notarization is a very simple process that takes just a few minutes and allows a verification that the seller is really the person specified in the contract. In the US, notarization is possible at most any local bank, typically free of charge or at UPS stores for a small fee. In other countries including EU, notarization is often available free of charge in local town halls, or for a small 2-digit fee at small notary offices spread all over town. Remember to bring an ID and the unsigned contract; typically no appointment is required.


Please check our notary knowledge base for information we’ve gathered from other customers as to how notarization may be done easiest and cheapest in your country.

Once you’ve submitted  your information, please grant our  staff 24 hours to verify your contract. You’ll be notified via email, once your seller status has been approved.


The seller menu

Our website released July 2019, was optimized for transparency, more direct seller control and improved processes for optimizing goods to customer delivery speeds. For you as a seller, this means that the account management menus will now offer you to manage all aspects regarding your sales from a single, intuitive interface, which can be accessed without limitations on both desktop and mobile. Once logged in to https://star-hangar.com/customer/account/index/ you will be greeted with this menu:

 Verified Seller Main Menu

You should find most of it to be pretty self explaining, but allow me to proiide a quick overview on functions available:

  • Marketplace Dashboard 
    provides you an overview of your sales performance
  • Seller Profile
    The seller profile menu allows you to configure all global relevant settings for your store. You may also customize store appearance to some extend.
    Just as useful, you can find here a static URL leading to your personal store page, which you can share with your own customers and friends to direct them directly to your personal offers.

    the information further configurable in this menu includes:
    - your personal phone number for automated sales notifications via SMS
    - Your company banner to be shown on your personal sales page (please consider to use a 1400x200 pixel image in .jpg format for best results)
    - your company logo to be shown on your personal sales page; we plan to also add it to you products in the future (please consider to use a square 200x200 pixel image in .jpg format for best results)
    - your company location (currently not used)
    - your company description that will be shown to your customers on your personal store page
    - Meta Keywords that can be used by buyers to find your personal store page on google (for best results try to not use no more than 5 keywords, separated by commas)
    - Meta Description that will shortly describe your personal store page and that will be visible to customers searching and finding your products via google.
    - your default PayPal address for your payouts. (This address will be suggested as a default whenever you request a cashout)


Specifying a personal mobile phone number is mandatory in order to sell products. Please specify a mobile number with syntax +<country code><area code><number> and without blanks.
E.g. +1 234 456 6890  (but without blanks). Your phone number will be used for automated notifications only. We will never call you and we guarantee not to use or share your number for marketing purposes.

  • New Products
    Here you can add new products for sale. This menu will be explained in detail later on in this guide.
  • My Product List
    Here you can see all products you have on sale. You can also edit or cancel them in this menu.

  • My Sales History
    An overview of your past sales and revenues

  • Vacation Settings
    This menu allows you to quickly disable all your sales and replace them with an “away” message for your customers. Please use this function whenever you’re away for a few days and/or unable to deliver products within 24 hours.

  • My Shipments
    A very important menu that will show any new sales of yours. The menu then allows you to process and confirm your deliveries, with payment being released to your account 48 hours after delivery. (This time frame ensures buyers have sufficient time to state issues).
    This menu will be explained in detail later on in this guide.


Please upload proof right after delivery, rather than waiting for your buyer to pick up goods. No additional confirmation on pickup is required, as the buyer anyway has 48 hours to issue complaints.


  • Review
    Here you can see reviews of your store left by your customers.

  • Credit, Refund & Cashout
    This menu shows your wallet, containing the funds from your completed sales as well as from other activity. With just a few clicks you can request cash-out of your balance to your paypal account; expect the payment to arrive within 24 hours after your request.
    Pleae note that you can only have one active request, we kindly ask you to please wait for your payment to arrive before making another request.


The Sale Process

Star Hangar Sale Process

Star Hangar's sale process is optimized to ensure both, buyer and seller security, preventing abuses and scams from either side.

As a first step, you are asked to list your products in store (using the 'New Products' menu mentioned previously. Once you save the product it is committed for staff approval. Please note that this check is primarily a technical rather than a content one to ensure you can add products are functional, as you can create products most any way you like. We do provide guidelines though, that you may find helpful in order to be more efficient in your sales and that will help prevent refunds. With the approval complete, your product is then available for sale in store.

Next we find a buyer. Once a buyer has made a purchase, we collect and hold his payment in escrow. Only once its safe to deliver your product, you will then receive an SMS and email notification, granting you 24 hours to deliver your product and upload your proof.

As soon as you upload proof of your delivery, the buyer is automatically informed. The buyer then has 48 hours to claim delivery and/or state any issues encountered.
In case any issues are reported, staff will mediate to help mediate and resolve any issues encountered.

Once 48 hours are up, payment will be credited to your seller wallet where it will accumulate.
You can then cash out funds at any time you like using the “Credit, Refund & Cashout” menu or you can use these funds for purchases of their own, with the benefit of avoiding PayPal fees on your end you might have on cashout.If you request a payout, money will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. Please note that only one payout request can be active at a time, so please wait for your payout to complete before requesting another. 

Creating New products

Adding new products is one of the most relevant tasks for you as a seller. Please don't rush this step, we made it simple as possible and there's not too much to configure, nonetheless please grant it time to do it right: the quality of your listing will directly affect how your products are displayed in store and how successful your items will sell. We’ve optimized our design to make listing new items as simple as possible, while leaving you lots of freedom to customize your products. I'd hence recommend you to consider the recommendations in this paragraph to ensure your product placement will result in fast and successful sales.

Clicking new product you're asked what type of product you want to add. The product type defines both attributes you can configure as well as the delivery method.
Currently there are 2 choices:

  • Star Citizen
    This category is for spaceships, vehicles and other pledges for the game Star Citizen from Cloud Imperium Games, that can be transferred between accounts

  • Account Sale
    This category is for any type of account and their content.

After making your choice, you reach a 2nd screen where you can now configure your product.

  • Attribute Set
    this property allows you to choose what game your account is for. Please choose 'Generic Game Account' if your game is not listed.

  • Product Category

    Product Categories ensure that customers can find your products while browsing the respective categories. So effectively the categories you select decide, in which menus of the header navigation menu customers will find your product. Additionally it also affects search keywords attached to your product. For an efficient placement of e.g. a Star Citizen product, it is typically best to select (check mark) the “Star Citizen” category and then unfold it, further selecting each and every tier down to the last one that matches your item, as shown in the screenshot above. Your product will then be visible in all these respective menus. 


  • Please never mark the “Default Category” - its not used and may only cause issues in future software releases.
  • Please never abuse categories. Each product should be in a single category branch only (unless there’s real good reasons like bundles containing multiple items). Products abusing categories will not rejected.
  • Please select the correct tree and do not use e.g. the "Star Citizen" Item Category for accounts offered or vice versa. Selecting wrong categories is misleading and confusing to customers. 
  • Should you feel a category is missing, please contact staff and we’ll gladly add it for you.


  • Product Name Product name is the product title shown on the front page. While you can name items as you like, following these guidelines may help to sell your items successfully:

    - Keep your titles short, with only the mandatory info for better readability
    - include the product and its most vital attributes in the title.
    - Stick to a consistent naming syntax to avoid confusing customers.

    But most importantly, also ensure a detailed description of your products in the details (see below in this article) to ensure its absolutely clear what you're selling, which is vital to avoid customer refunds.



Please always keep your product titles short as possible. 
Long titles are hard to read on mobile which may impact your sales!

As a naming syntax for star citizen ships, we recommend to use the ship model & variant, followed by a dash and any special details you want to remark on, such as Game Package & Sq42 included, LTI included, or special items coming with your package. Examples being e.g. "Caterpillar Pirate Edition - LTI (CCU'ed)", "300i Base Model - Game Package SQ42", "600i Exploration Variante - LTI (unique name)", "Cutlass Red to 350R ship upgrade" or e.g. for items, "Custodian SMG - Citizencon 2947 Edition"

As a naming syntax for game accounts, we recommend to use the name of the game, followed by a dash and whatever title/description you'd like to assign your account, such as "Elite Dangerous - Elite rank, 1 billion Credit Account"


  • Long Description
    The Long Description is a core component to help you successfully sell your product and it is shown in the detail view when customers click on a product on the front page. If done right, it serves three purposes:
    - it clearly defines what is included in your product and what is not (which helps avoiding refunds)
    - it contains relevant terms for your product allowing it to be found by search engines and it also contains a relevant description which makes customers searching the internet more likely to view your product.
    - it has a vivid description convincing the customer to buy that product
    You may find that a good description can help convince customers to prefer a product from you as a reliable source over cheaper but purely described offers from competitors.

    Please take care to be careful in your description as to what is included, including especially:
    - Product & Variant
    - Properties such as colors/skins, conditions/damage, size, variant, etc.
    - Bonus content included
    - Special properties that make your item rare / valueable
    - unique attributes for accounts, such as backer rewards or forum titles

    Please also explicitly state content not included, to avoid confusion: e.g. screenshots of upgraded (CCU'ed) space ships for Star Citizen tend to show the source ship in the screenshot, even though it is no longer included in the package - hence in such a case, it should explicitly be mentioned that the source ship was consumed in the upgrade and that it is no longer included.


    Please be careful when describing in-game performance of your products:
    While its perfectly fine and even desireable to describe your item and draw out how it can be used in game, but please also keep in mind that your game vendor may change performance and attributes of your product without notice, meaning your products performance may no longer match your description by the time your item sells - which in turn may cause justified refund demands from customers. We hence recommend to either keep your description generic, or to clearly state as by what date and version number your description is based on, along with a disclaimer that these parameters may change at the game vendors desire.




    Considerations for Account Sales:
    You may sell any account whose original and sole owner you are. Should you plan to sell accounts 2nd hand and for account sales greater than USD $1000, a legalized or notarized signature (free of charge in US and most EU countries) is required on your sales contract. If you plan on selling accounts 2nd hand, please see for the coowners or former owners to co-sign the contract or make sure that you have a respective proof of purchase on your own that you can attach to the contract as a proof of ownership. We personally advise against 2nd hand sales though, unless the account was first bought via a secure trade market (such as Star Hangar) since you as a seller may expose yourself to a buyer's damage reparations claims should anything go wrong with that account at a later point in time.

    Please do not add information that allows your account to be identified. This includes especially information such as account serials, login names, exact creation dates etc. You do not want to expose yourself to the game provider nor to potential scammers who might try to steal your account.

    For 2nd hand account sales please also include an explicit disclaimer, such as:
    "This account is a 2nd hand sale. Proof of purchase from the original owner will be attached to the sale contract. I (as the seller personally) take full legal liability for the offered account to be valid and fully playable and that it will not be reclaimed by its original owner"

    A special note for selling Star Citizen Accounts:
    Star Citizen Accounts may contain buyback options, however please understand that this is a concept most customers are not familiar with! We hence recommend not to include buybacks in your product listing since they can be extremely misleading. Should you nonetheless feel you have to add them, then please take outmost care to explicitly mark that content as NOT included in the offer. If your offer is in any way misleading as to contain these items, you risk both order cancellations and negative buyer ratings. 


  • Short Description
    Similar to the Long Description, also the Short Description is shown in the detail view when customers click on a product on the front page.
    It hence is redundant to the Long Description and optional. Note that as opposed to the long description, the short description is kept in plain text and no html formtting is available.
    For Star Citizen items, we recommend to use this field to contain the exact product name as shown in game as this will help you find your product in your inventory after sale.


  • Price
    This is the total gross price for end-customers. You will receive this amount minus your consignment %-fee. Payment provider fees are covered by Star-Hangar out of the consignment fee.
    For your commission rate please see your seller profile, for your personal paypal rate applicable on cashout, please consult paypal directly. Typical paypal fees range from 2.9% for US customers up to 4.7% for some EU customers.

    For sellers knowing our previous website, please note that fees remained unchanged, you no longer define your net amount but rather the actual sales price. This makes it easier for you to ensure competitive product prices and increases transparency. 


To calculate the net amount you receive after cashout, calculate as follows:
Net result = your store price * (1- your consignment rate) * (1 - your paypal fees)

Reverse, you can calculate as follows:
Store Price = desired net result / (1- your consignment rate) / (1 - your paypal fees)
  • Stock Simply the volume of items you have from this product, that you'd like to sell.

  • Stock Availability Just select in Stock for your products to sell. Choosing “out of stock” disables your sale and will prevent your product from being shown in store.

  • Product Images We recommend you always include at least two images:

    - A flashy marketing image of your product, as a primary frontpage picture - A detailed screenshot of your package content E.g.:





    For best results, please use

    • 16:9 aspect ratio

    • jpg format

    Other formats will be converted, negatively affecting your product placement

    Once you've uploaded the images, you can then click the image details to add an image title (which also helps search results and for google users to more easily find your product)  and to choose which one of your images should be shown on the front page. For the latter, simply click all three role checkboxes on the right hand side:

    Adding Product Images - Primary Selection



    On top of the above mentioned generic properties, there's a few product specific properties:

    • Package Type (*Star Citizen products only)
      This field is specific to Star-Citizen products. These choices are available:

      • Single Item
        Please use this for Stand-Alone Products to be used independantly in game.
        Examples being e.g. Ships, Vehicles, Weapons, Hangar Decorations, etc. - but also including item bundles that do not contain a Star Citizen Game License.

      • Upgrade
        Please use this for products that convert an existing product into something else.
        Examples being e.g. an Avenger Titan to Constellation Taurus ship upgrade.

      • Add-On
        Please use this for products that enhance existing products.
        E.g. a Ship Module that plug into an existing vessel, or a new scope for a specific sniper rifle, etc.

      • Game
        Please use this for products that include the Star-Citizen game.

      • Game & SQ42
        Please use this for products that include both the Star-Citizen game and the Squadron42 Single Player Game.

      • Collector Edition
        Please use this for products that include special collector editions of the game (incl. Squadron42) 


    • Insurance (*Star Citizen products only)
      Please simply specify the insurance that comes with your product. Typically only ships and game packages include insurance, whereas most other items typically have no insurance included.

    • Golden Ticket (*Game accounts / Star Citizen only)
      A special bonus awarded to backers who registered for the game on the day of announcement on Oct 11th 2012, prior to the Kickstarter Campaign. 

    • Backer Level (*Game accounts / Star Citizen only)
      this setting basically defines the age of the account in this order from oldest to youngest:
      - Kickstarter:  Backer during the initial Campaign on Kickstarter
      - Original Backer:  Backing before the end of the original backing campaign on November 26, 2012. 
      - Veteran Backer:  Backing after November 26, 2012 but on or before July 6th 2013.
      - Backer: Backing after July 6th 2013

    • Concierge Level (*Game accounts / Star Citizen only)
      this setting defines the investement with Star Citizen, awarding some additional perks, ranking from lowest to highest:
      - High Admiral: Backing more than $1000
      - Grand Admiral: Backing more than $2500
      - Space Marshal: Backing more than $5000
      - Wing Commander: Backing more than $10000
      - Praetorian: Backing more than $15000
      - Legatus Navium: Backing more than $25000
    • Game License (*Game accounts / Star Citizen only)
      This defines whether the account contains any game packages that are required tfor the buyer to play the game(s) Star Citizen and / or Squadron 42. 

    • Related Products
      Products marked here will be advertised to people viewing the details of your product.
      This is a good way to advertise alternatives and add-ons to your product in order to generate additional sales.


    Irrelevant advertisements will usually be ignored by customers, but a clever advertisement such ase.g. advertising an add-on module for a ship you sell, or maybe offering an alternate upgrade for the same target ship someone wants, may help boost your sales.


    Once done, save your product or duplicate it as a basis for another item. Upon doing so, your product is submitted for approval and will show up in store as soon as said approval is granted. (This typically takes a few hours at most)


    Delivery of Products

    You have received an email and/or an SMS that you've sold a Product? Congratulations!
    You now have 24 hours to deliver your item.

    First check your orders: https://star-hangar.com/marketplace/order/history/


    Orders in status “Processing” are waiting for you to be delivered. Should you see an alternate state such as "Pending" this signals that there is issues with the buyer (e.g. a deferred payment) that need to be resolved first.



    Click on the “View Order” button to proceed, to see the order details and the expected revenue. Assuming everything is matching your expectation, click the “Confirm Delivery" button on the top right, to process your product's delivery. The resulting screen will differ based on the product type you're selling:

    • Delivery of Star Citizen Products

      Star Hangar - Star Citizen Delivery Menu

      Please note the buyer's recipient email. Please take note of that. Once delivered you'll also upload your proof of delivery here, but more on that later.

      Now go to your Hangar on the RSI page: https://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/account/pledges and find the item you need to deliver. Unfold the product details with the small > symbol on the RSI website.

      Click on the 'Gift' button showing up and RSI will then open a menu where you can enter the previously copied recipient email into both recipient fields, then press the send button.


    Please put the buyer’s email into BOTH fields, Recipient Name and Recipient Email.

    The item is now shipped and will disappear from your inventory once the buyer accepts delivery.
    Now return to your Hangar view and locate the "Hangar Log" Button:

    Then take a screenshot of the line showing your delivery:


    This screenshot showing the Product Name, the serial and the time of delivery is all that is required for delivery. Save this to a file and upload it to the Star-Hangar webpage.

  • Delivery of sold Accounts

    Account sales require you to print out and fill in a sale contract for the sale of your account.
    Please find the buyer name here on the website and insert it in the contract. Then fill in the remaining fields. A physical signature is required
    Note that accounts $1000 or those where you are not the only / original owner require legalization or notarization. Previous co owners should please co-sign the contract to proof agreement to the sale.

    Note that as part of this sale and by filling out the contract, you grant exclusive rights to the account to the buyer and you agree to never login again thereafter without the buyer’s approval, once the sale has been completed.

    Once done, please scan your signed contract as a .pdf and upload it here to the website, it will then be automatically transmitted to the buyer.

  • Completing delivery of products:


    If any possible, please only snippet and upload this segment as a jpg.
    We don’t need your full screen - please help avoid excessive storage needs.
    Your order will now show completed state:

    Star Hangar - order complete

    48 hours after delivery, payment will be credited to your account and be shown in the “Credit, Refund & Cashout” menu.

    Star Hangar - Seller Payout menu

    Seller Cashout


    In the very same menu, you can also request cash out of your wallet funds to you paypal account. Look for the 'Click here to cash out' url near the top left.
    Selecting this option, you can choose the amount to be paid out as well as what paypal account you want the payment transferred to:

    Simply specify the amount you want paid out and the target account. Please double-check and ensure the  paypal email is the correct one - Paypal may not allow us to recover funds sent to wrong addresses specified!


    Please always specify your Paypal Email.
    We cannot send funds to /paypal.me addresses.


    Payments will be transferred to your paypal account within 24 hours of request.
    Please kindly wait for your existing payout request to complete, before requesting another.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support on our support live chat or via email to support@star-hangar.com.

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