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About Star Hangar & Seller Registration

What is Star Hangar offering?

Star Hangar is ∙the∙ place to buy and sell in-game content for your favorite Online Games!

Star-Hangar provides a reliable, extensive trade platform for digital in-game content and virtual game assets. Consequently, we at Star Hangar have made the protection of buyers and sellers alike our top priority. You can find extensive documentation of our reliable processes and extensive security measures in our trade security guide.

How can I become a verified seller?

Please see this page for detailed information on how to sign up as a verified seller.


What may I sell on

What types of products may I sell?

  • Our Star Citizen section allows you to sell your virtual Star Citizen assets, including Space Ships, Vehicles, Gear, and Decoration Items for the online Science Fiction game Star Citizen developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) & Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). Virtual items purchased at Star Hangar are exclusive limited-use licenses and may be sold in agreement with RSI’s Terms of Service. No physical shipment is required.

  • Our Account Market section allows you to sell your excess game accounts to interested players, ranging from classic Role Playing Games to the latest Science Fiction Epos.  Note that there are no limitations on what game accounts you may offer for sale. As a sale requirement, you only need to be both the legal owner and the account creator. Sale of 2nd hand accounts is allowed, but only if you have adequate proof of purchase with a notarized contract and all previous owners co-sign your own notarized sale contract. Please note that a notarized signature will be required for selling accounts priced >$500.  

  • Our Starbase section allows you to sell your own created Starbase Blueprints for the one MMO Starbase developed by Frozenbyte. Blueprints purchased at Star Hangar are player-created content stored in local files that allows the creation of complex products in-game, as by the seller's design. You can use them in unlimited ways in-game, except for re-distribution or commercial resale. Products created from blueprints are subject to Frozenbyte's Terms of Service. No physical shipment is required. 

  • For selling other gaming content than Star Citizen/Starbase items or game accounts, please contact our sales support.

Can I sell physical items?

Please contact our sales support with information on what you'd like to sell on our webpage. We'll gladly support you!
Physical sale is possible within limitations; a more enhanced support for all kinds of (gaming-related) physical merchandise is planned but currently not on our short-term roadmap due to (as of yet) low seller demand. Future changes may be considered.

What Items may I sell for the online game Star Citizen?

You can sell this content:

  • Gift-able items in your Hangar
    To verify if an item is giftable please click the small '>' button next to each item for details. The item details will unfold and if a 'Gift' button is displayed, your item is transferable and hence sellable. 

  • RSI Store Credits
    Account-bound items you own can often be exchanged for RSI store credits, which can then be 'converted' to be sellable using the following method: Buy a new Aurora ES with Paypal Cash or Credit Card. This Aurora ES can then be upgraded to e.g. a Constellation Taurus or Andromeda. The resulting upgraded ship is then transferable and can be sold like other Gift-able items.

  • Items from your Buyback List
    Items in your buyback list can be sold safely & easily: you don't need to buy them upfront, rather you can list them in-store and only buy them for transfer once a buyer and your payment are secured. After purchase, you can then deliver your item normally

Note that Star Citizen game accounts may not (!) be sold in the Star Citizen category but as Account Sales on our Account Market only.
If in doubt, it is best to contact our sales support in our live chat for details.

What Items may I sell for the online game Starbase?

You can sell this content:

  • Ship/Station Blueprints 
    You are allowed to sell Ship/Station Blueprints of your own design. If you want to know how to transfer these, please check out our seller manual.

Can I sell other products too?

yes, Star Hangar enables safe trading of digital assets for all kinds of online MMO's. When signing up as a seller, you can immediately sell items for Star Citizen and Starbase. We also support trades in several other games, such as e.g Valorant, and we allow sale of CD keys for game development studios. If interested in trading such products, please contact our sales support, to unlock these options for you.

Can I trade physical products?

Currently not, since we currently do not support shipping management, though this option may be added in the future.


Safety & Security

Is Selling Secure?

We at Star-Hangar take customer protection seriously and we have made the protection of buyers and sellers alike our top priority.
You can find extensive documentation of our reliable processes and extensive security meres in our trade security guide and in our description of our Safe Trading Procedure.

Fees & Payment

What fees do I have to expect?

Fees apply exclusively for a successful sale of items only, Star-Hangar has no fees for listing items or any other services.
The standard consignment fee for selling items on consignment is 14% and COVERS ALL FEES ON STAR HANGAR's SIDE, including Escrow service fees for transfers between Buyers and Star-Hangar.

NOTE that additionally, YOUR PAYMENT PROVIDER MAY APPLY FEES FOR RECEIVING FUNDS. Charges depend on your personal payment provider and your account's agreement with them. PayPal fees typically range from 2.9% for US Customers to approx. 4.7% for EU customers, whereas Payoneer and custom Credit Card payment solutions tend to have slightly lower charges.

How do I correctly calculate how much I'll get for my sale?

assuming you plan on cashing out after selling an item, you can use these formulas for your price calculation:

  • Net Cashout after all fees = Store Price * (1 - consignment fee) * (1 - your Payment Provider fee)  
    so e.g. if you sell an item for $100 the cashout for a typical US customer would receive = 100 * (1 - 0.14) * (1 - 0.029)

    and to reverse that formula:
  • Store price = desired Net Cashout / (1 - consignment fee) / (1 - your Payment Provider fee)
    so e.g. to receive $100 net after all fees, a typical US-based seller would have to set the price to = 100 / (1 - 0.14) / (1 - 0.0029)

Can I get paid via PayPal?

Yes, by default all our payments to sellers are transferred via PayPal.

As an alternative, we support seller payment via Payoneer.

We can further pay you via your credit card payment solution, either using a payment provider like Stripe or using a personal credit card chargeable via a credit card payment portal.

When will I get paid?

About 48 hours after successful delivery, your payment will be credited to your Star Hangar wallet. You can then request cash-out in your account's Store Credit & Refund menu.

Cashout requests are always completed within 24 hours.


Sales & Seller Responsibilities

How do I know a product has sold?

Once we have secured upfront payment for your products, you will be notified via both Email and SMS.
You then have 24 hours to deliver your product.

How do I deliver a product?

Please head over to your shipment page and find the order in progress.

View the order and if all data is ok, use the button on the top right to confirm delivery. You will be taken to a separate page providing detailed delivery instructions specific to the ordered product.
For more information on how to deliver a specific item in Star Citizen or Starbase please also consult our seller manual.

If you are looking for detailed step-by-step instructions on delivering a Blueprint in Star Base, you can find a video created by us here.

For product keys and other games, please see our seller manual or contact our Customer Support on Discord Live Chat

I'm on holiday and can't deliver items within 24 hours, what should I do?

Please go to your account details and activate 'Vacation Mode'. Your products will be disabled until the selected end date and an away message will be displayed on your store page.


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