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Last update: September 8th 2019

Patch 3.6.2 includes Origin 890 Jump!

890 Jump - a luxury mega yacht has been released for testing in the PTU! This 210m long behemoth inlcudes 68 rooms, multiple decs, huge hangar, hefty cargo bay and it's own spa with swimming pool and grotto!
The whole ship is heavily armoured and has plenty of defenses. In case of troubles it has second, internal battle bridge right next to medical bay and escape pods. Guests can admire space vistas via ennormous amount of windows all around the ship.

Of course the ship comes with the most luxurious Captain Quarters ever implemented in any spaceship. It's a complete apartment with multiple rooms and panoramic windows in almost every one of them. 

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6.1 is now LIVE!

Star Citizen patch 3.6.1 is now live :)

What's new in the patch 3.6:

  • Anvil Ballista has been added to the game! More about this vehicle below.
  • LOD's - with this patch players can see further and load objects from much larger distances, it helps greatly with immersion
  • New Truck Stop Exteriors - Truck stops are now huge, seriously.
  • FOIP - controlling your character head with your own head movements is now smooth and responsive.
  • Shield tech - old shield effects are no more, we now have beautiful, next-gen vfx worth getting damaged for ;)
  • Vanguard Warden updates - this beautiful heavy fighter got an update! See the pictures below for the better understanding.
  • P-72 Archimedes and P-52 Merlin - those two snub fighters are now both in game, p-72 racer is completely new while p-52 has been refreshed with some great improvements!
  • Valkyrie Cargo space - Valkyrie pilots rejoice! This might dropship/gunship has now received 30 SCU of cargo space that you can use to carry your favourite dru.. medical supplies with ease!
  • Hover mode - now your ship is no longer magical being defying gravity with ease! 
  • Grass is back - yes, some of you might not be aware but since patch 3.4 we had issue with dissapearing grass, now it's back and it looks amazing!
That's of course not, if you are interested in the rest of the changes please visit official RSI roadmap

Anvil Ballista

New ground anti-air vehicle has been added to Star Citizen! Anvil Ballista is an armoured missile platform that carries 8x S5 + 2x S2 missiles which are controlled remotely and can easily defend your ground forces from air strikes. Additionally pilot has control over a turret with 2 gatling guns.
Ballista is heavily armoured and has it's own shields which makes it hard to destroy. The concept sale is ongoing on the main RSI websute, so if you want to grab one and support development of Star Citizen then head over here. Of course, we will have plenty of Balistas available at Star Hangar in the future, so you can grab it here on a later date.

Anvil Ballista

Ranger Jackets

If you have purchased one of the Tumbril Rangers either from us or during RSI concept sale, then you can already access one of the ranger jackets that come with those! Our favourite is Cargo vest that comes with Ranger CV - the little wobble of the top box is quite a nice detail. 
In case you want to get your own Ranger, then head over to our Ranger section here.

Ranger Cargo vest

New Truck Stop Exteriors

As noted above there are new truck stop exteriors added to the game. The scale of those things is hard to describe. For now the interiors are still the same but we won't have to wait much longer as CIG is already working on the patch 3.7 in which those will be changed. Watch video below to see them in game. We highly encourage you to see them for yourself as soon as you have access to the patch 3.6!

Vanguard Warden rework

Due to the hype that was created by an early concept model and animations shown to the Citizens, Vanguard has been either hated or loved by the community. The original materials shown Vanguard as this sleek highly animated spaceship with retractable turret, beautiful glowing intakes as well as plenty of details all around it's hull. Most of the community fell in love with this amazing design and spend quite a lot of cash in order to get it.

Sadly the final model was only a shadow of the original design. The model was simplified and as many called it "fat". Most of the animations were also gone including retractable turret or missile racks hidden inside of the hull. Additionally the front weaponry of Vanguard was not customizable which caused a lot of players to melt it in order to get something closer to their expectations.

Luckily CIG has listened to Vanguard owners and have reworked both exterior and interior of the ship to match the original concept as much as possible! You can see the updated model below. Let us know on our Discord what do you think about the changes!

Vanguard Warden

Hover Mode

The hover mode is finally here and it works great. This mode prevents ships from acting like a mobile turret as you cannot simply hover in one place while in atmosphere. Now, when your speed is below certain treshold you are going into hover mode that is shown by VTOL thrusters on certain ships kicking in. In that mode you have to keep your ship leveled or you will start "sliding".

If you want to find our more, check our RSI ISC video about hover model:

Archimedes and Merlin

P-72 Archimedes has finally been added to the game. Unlike it's brother Merlin, Archimedes is racing snub with beauiful leather interior and additional power instead of minigun that comes standard with Merlin. Merlin on the other hand got a new cockpit, better lighting and much cooler materials to match the high quality of other ships. You can find our more about both ships in this video:

890 Jump updates

This week we've learned that 890 Jump is now 210m long! This means that the internal hangar of 890 Jump will easily fit 300 series ships with room to spare! You can see scale comparison below (hangar doors vs 350R model):

890 Jump hangar

That's all for this week! We wish you a great day and we hope to see you in the Verse :)

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