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Last update: September 22nd 2019

Patch 3.7 has reached Evocati stage

Patch 3.7 has reached Evocati testing stage. This patch brings a lot of improvements and exciting new features even though it's supposed to be the one of the smallest patches.
The most exciting features that it brings are explorable caves that contain treasures and rare minerals, FPS mining with specialized multitool attachement, new substitute to Hover Mode (hurray) and our long awaited Banu Defender as well as Vanguard variants.
This is of course only a tiny part of the 3.7 features. You can see their full list and progress on the chart below:

Star Citizen Roadmap update 20th of September Oddyseus1992 Snakem

To learn more about the upcoming features, please check out the official Inside Star Citizen videos focused on 3.7 patch:

New mysterious ship teaser

For the last week, CIG has been slowly teasing more and more of an upcoming concept ship. According to our data, the new ship will be an Interdiction craft from RSI called Mantis.
We cannot confirm this information but it is very likely that this new ship will be a specialized interdiction craft with walkable interior that will focus on intercepting ships that are in the middle of quantum travel.

We've also heard rumours that this ship will be flight-read and is approximately 30m long. You can see the latest teaser image below:

RSI Mantis - Star Citizen

That's all for this week! We wish you a great day and we hope to see you in the Verse :)

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