Discover how to submit your products in the correct way.


This guide is designed for you that want to start selling or started recently here on Star Hangar. Here you will see all the necessary steps for submitting what you are selling in the correct way. Keep with me!  


To submit the products you need to keep in mind we will check the items below:


The product type needs to match the characteristics of the item you want to sell

In the Categories full path should be listed from star citizen, manufacturer, ship name, to variant.  (This really helps the search engine show your products to the right people) 

Title with only the main characteristics of your products with no abusive naming and no special characters.  (title with all caps letters is not allowed)

4º Description must have all the characteristics of what you are selling. If you are selling a CCUed (Cross chassis upgraded) this must be in the description.

The image needs to match what is said in the title and in the description.

The attributes and insurance need to match the characteristics shown in the description and title.


Take a look at the steps you will need to follow:


Product Type


The first page you'll see is about your product type. Here you choose what you are selling and you'll have different choices, depending on the product type chosen.  





The next one will be the categories, This part is too important because affect which menus your products will be visible on, once you choose the right ones for your products, it will be shown to the right people and well positioned too. When choosing the categories please select the Full path, which should be listed from star citizen, manufacturer, ship name, to variant (as in the example below).  

For upgrades, only the categories relevant to the target ship tree should be selected. This will help customers find your product faster and not be distracted by upgrades in the wrong direction.



Product name and description


Just click on done and the next field will be the "Product name" which is recommendable be not too long for better readability then the description is the place to put as much information as possible, put all the characteristics you think the buyer will probably have to know before proceeding with the purchase.  



Following the steps we will arrive in the fields to put the final price (including fees of 14%), the number of products you have available and the option to put "in stock" or "out of stock"  



The final part is the process of uploading images, the package type, if there is insurance included or not, and the product state.  

Package types:  

Single item: is for products that can be used on their own 
Upgrade: is for items that convert one product into another
Add-on: is for products that cannot be used without another item (e.g. gun scopes, ship modules, skins, etc)
Game: is for packages including the Star Citizen Game License
Game & SQ42: is for packages including the Star Citizen Game License and the Squadron 42 Single Player game license
Collector Ed.: is for physical collector Edition game boxes including the Game License and Squadron 42 game license  


Insurance: You will specify if the product has or does not have insurance and if has put how long the insurance covers the item.  


Upgrade source/Upgrade target: If you are submitting an upgrade you can put which is the source and the target ship. 

Package state: You can specify if your ship is CCUed or Original concept.



Once everything is done, just go up to the page and click on save and your item will be directed to us for approval. We will check if everything is fine and if the product is everything fulfilled correctly we´ll approve your product. 


If you still have questions about this process, please feel free to contact us. 

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