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1. Introduction

The data controller in respect of any Personal Information that you submit to us via Star Hangar Services (or otherwise) is Star Hangar™, a company registered in the United States (“Star Hangar”, “we”, “us”, “our”). The Personal Information you submit to us via Star Hangar Services (or otherwise) will be processed by us or by data processors appointed by us to undertake processing on our behalf.

If you want to know what Personal Information or Non-Personal Information we hold about you or if you have any other queries in relation to this Privacy Policy, please contact us by emailing us at We will require you to verify your identity before releasing any information to you. Star Hangar respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected about you. We have adopted this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use and store your personal and non-personal information.

2. What is personal and non-personal information?

“Personal Information” is information that we have collected from you that identifies you, or which, in conjunction with other information that is in our possession, or is likely to come into our possession, may be used by us to identify you.

“Non-Personal Information”, is information that we have collected from you which cannot be used by us to identify you.

3. What data does Star Hangar collect and use at what stage?

If you access or use our Website we may collect the following Non-Personal Information:

  • Request (Name of the requested file)
  • Browser type/version (e.g.: Internet Explorer 11.0)
  • Browser language (e.g.: English)
  • Operating System (e.g.: Windows 10)
  • Resolution of your Browser window
  • Screen resolution
  • Javascript active
  • Java On /Off
  • Cookies On / Off
  • Color settings
  • Referral URL (the previously visited page)
  • Time of Access
  • Clicks
  • Objects Purchased
  • Dates of Purchases
  • Data of transactions

Star Hangar may maintain log files which contain IP addresses. An IP address is a numeric address that may be assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider and can, in certain circumstances, amount to Personal Information. In general, we use log files to monitor traffic on our Website and to troubleshoot technical problems. We may choose to block certain IP addresses, whose users try to abuse our Website.

We also use cookies to ensure that you get the most out of Star Hangar Services. Cookies are small text files that are applied to your Internet enabled device by websites. Cookies allow us to store and then retrieve information on your computer about your visit to our Website (e.g. when you accessed the Website). We may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interest, to monitor Website usage and to track and process your orders when you are using Star Hangar services (for example, by remembering your login and shopping cart details). Star Hangar may also use its own or third-party proprietary analytic metrics tools and other analytic technologies to collect the information referred to in this Privacy Policy. We may use such technology to deliver content specific to your interest and to monitor usage of Star Hangar Services.

We use this information to optimize your experience using Star Hangar Services.

We further collect personal user data of yours:

  • User name
  • Real Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • SMS & Phone Number

We employ SMS messaging strictly for transactional purposes to provide timely notifications related to the delivery of products and services. Our commitment ensures that all SMS communication is confined to operational use, specifically to inform our sellers about the status of their deliveries. We do not utilize SMS messaging for advertising, marketing, or promotional activities. By agreeing to our seller contract, clients opt in to receive these essential delivery updates. This consent is direct and exclusive to Star Hangar, LLC, and under no circumstance is this consent shared with or used by third parties for any other purpose. Our practices are designed to uphold the integrity of our client communication and adhere to all applicable privacy laws and guidelines.

We use this Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to fulfill our contractual obligations set forth in our Terms of Service and to comply with applicable law and tax regulations, to track Star Hangar purchases you made, remember which products you have added to your shopping cart, provide customer service to you in relation to your use of Star Hangar Services, to deal with inquiries and complaints relating to the use of the Star Hangar Services and to notify you about any changes to services that we provide, to send you reminder and verification notifications such as password reminders and to deliver ships and items you have purchased. For security reasons, payment provider information is not stored on the Star Hangar website but is managed by the payment provider itself.

We are obliged by applicable law to identify our commercial customers. We are also obliged by applicable law to collect and store detailed information regarding all commercial transactions, especially for accounting and tax purposes. We will only store your Personal Information and other Non-Personal Information for a reasonable period of time or for as long as is required or permitted by applicable law.

In case you register as a seller, we will further use the phone number you specified to inform you to notify you of a due delivery following a successful sale. We will not use the phone number for anything other than such notifications, and explicitly we will not use your phone number for marketing, nor will we share it with any third party.

The collection of the information set out in this Chapter is mandatory and we are not able to provide you Services without this basic information, as we are prohibited by law from providing you commercial services without collecting such information.

4. How does Star Hangar deal with misuse of its services?

If we reasonably suspect that any Star Hangar Services or your Account has been misused, including without limitation, by virtue of any:

  • DoS attacks
  • hacking
  • cheating
  • fraud
  • distribution of spam and/or viruses
  • excessive reservation of items without purchase
  • defamation, racism, hate speech etc
  • other violations of our Terms of Service

Star Hangar may collect further Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to verify or refute such suspicions within the limits of applicable law and taking into account your reasonable data protection interests. We will use this information to comply with applicable law and enforce our rights under civil and penal law against the respective users. We will store this information until the suspicion is reasonably refuted or for as long as is required or permitted by applicable law.

The collection of the information set out in this Section is mandatory. We may not be able to enforce our rights without such information.

5. Will Star Hangar share personal information with third parties?

Other than as expressly set out in this Privacy Policy, Star Hangar will never share your Personal Information with third parties without your consent, with the exception of any authority to which we are obliged by law to disclose your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information (e.g. tax authorities for commercial transactions).

Information about your current purchase may be forwarded to, or managed directly by third party party payment providers, especially to PayPal and as is required to process your purchase payments and within the strict privacy policy that third party payment provider has with you as a payment account owner. 

We will not disclose your Personal Information to anybody else without your explicit approval.

6. How does Star Hangar protect your personal information?

The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards, to protect the Personal Information submitted to us, both during transmission and in storage.

The Personal Information that you provide to us will be collected and processed by us and your Personal Information will be stored on servers owned by DigitalOcean, but be controlled and accessed solely by us. Any Personal Information that you provide to us in accordance with this Privacy Policy will be adequately protected by this Privacy Policy and our contract with DigitalOcean.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree to allow us to store your Personal Information on DigitalOceans Cloud Platform servers which will automatically mirror your Personal Information across numerous servers in multiple jurisdictions some of which may be outside of the European Economic Area and in countries which the European Commission considers do not ensure an adequate level of protection for personal information.

We have implemented physical, electronic and managerial procedures in order to help safeguard and prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification and/or disclosure of your Personal Information. Although we use reasonable efforts to safeguard the security of your Personal Information, transmissions made on or through the Internet and Personal Information stored on our servers or the servers of third parties that we use are vulnerable to attack and cannot be guaranteed to be secure. In addition, submissions made via e-mail are not protected by encryption and are vulnerable to interception during transmission.

7. How can you review and correct information or request removal and deactivation of your account?

You can correct and update your account information at any time in your account settings.
For any issues you cannot solve yourself, please contact us at

8. Third Party Sites

Our Website may contain advertising or services which link to other websites such as RSI, Facebook and others. The fact that we link to a third party website is not an endorsement, authorization or representation of our affiliation with that third party website or the operator of that third party website. If you click on a link to a third party site, including on an advertisement, you will leave the Star-Hangar site you are visiting and go to the site you selected. Because we cannot control the activities of third parties, we cannot accept responsibility for any use of your personal information by such third parties, and we cannot guarantee that they will adhere to the same privacy and security practices as Star Hangar. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any other service provider from whom you request services. If you visit a third party website that is linked to a Star-Hangar Service, you should consult that third party website’s privacy policy before providing any personal information.

9. Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you may contact us using the following contact information:
Star Hangar Privacy Policy Administrator at

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