Important Announcement

Dear Star Hangar Friends and Customers,

Thank you for helping us shape a community and for enabling us to establish a trusted and safe marketplace over these past few years; our success would not be possible without you and it’s been an honour to have been given your trust and support. Your patronage and support are what keep us going and that was the main driver for upcoming and exciting changes, that we hope you’ll experience and enjoy together with us.

Beginning July 2019, we will release a new webpage that will add significant new functionality for our buyers and our sellers alike!

While it’s hard to say goodbye to our trusted existing web page, we know it’s time for a change: new features requested by buyers and sellers, new RSI functionality such as ship customization and last but not least a consistently growing server load thanks to your support and activity, has made us aware that our existing web page will be unable to offer the service we expect it to deliver to you in the future.

As a result, we are upgrading with a complete technology change, our web page will be elevated to a new level of professionalism and capabilities. While retaining the look and feel you are used to, you will now discover many exciting new features, including:

For Buyers:

– Well known Frontend look & feel

– Improved Performance and significantly faster Response Times

– Further improved Buyer Security and enhanced Seller Verification

– Vastly improved Search, Filters, and Sorting

– Track favourites on your Wishlist

– Seller and Product Reviews

– Integrated Helpdesk Ticketing System

For Sellers:

– Further improved Seller Security and enhanced Fraud Prevention Services

– Seller Store Concept – enjoy your personal Seller Store Page

– Seller Self Service Portal – fast and easy direct control over your assets

– Wallet functionality, sell and buy products avoiding transfer fees

– Better product placement, enhanced advertisement potential at no cost to you

– Up sale Functionality for your products

– Holiday Feature to quickly enable/disable your sales

At the same time our staff will be freed from many manual backend tasks that are currently required. Instead we will support you where it really matters – in support and chat, to help you find your favourite deal, or to share their experience and help you optimize those sales of yours!

While that all may seem plenty exciting, it’s only the first step – expect several new features in the coming months after the release, as we aim to introduce further enhanced security, additional payment providers and even new games and products for you to trade on our web page!

Please note that due to the technology change, customer accounts won’t transfer automatically. We’ll do our best to migrate existing accounts starting with verified sellers and buyers, however if you don’t want to wait, please simply re-register for a new account and you’ll be ready to go right away!

The new webpage will also introduce two major changes affecting sellers, that we had a hard time to decide on ourselves, thus I’d like to list them here in detail along with our reasoning:

Mandatory Seller Verification

Our existing ‘simplified consignment process’ will be unavailable starting July 1st 2019.

This was the hardest decision for us to make, as our simplified consignment process was popular with sellers and buyers alike. However, our process would rely on market price analysis, ensuring items don’t sell at market value and hence slow enough to be unattractive to scammers. With RSI’s scope extending from a few dozen, to hundreds, now thousands and soon hundreds of thousands of possible item configurations, this process has been deteriorating and is unsustainable going forward.

Sadly in turn allowing anyone to list anything at any price has potential implications on buyer security – illegitimate sellers could undercut market value if they so choose. As a result, we have to ensure our sellers and their products are legitimate and must undertake legal verifications of all our future sellers.

That being said, we at Star Hangar treat our sellers as the valued customers they are and will make the verification process as simple and stress free as possible, for most of the world the process will either be speedy and free or very inexpensive. All seller verification documents will be kept safely stored and encrypted at high industry standard levels, and can be removed from our system in the event you would like to cease seller activity on

Existing sellers with items in our store will be retained until Jan 1st 2020, however new item sales will require seller verification there forth.

Wallet functionality

All seller accounts will receive a wallet functionality. While overall an improvement, there are some aspects to this functionality that will need getting used to.

Those wallet changes will take effect July 1st and are listed as follows:

– sellers list items in store
– we secure upfront payment and ask seller for delivery
– seller delivers item and confirms delivery
– 48 hours after delivery, payment is credited to seller wallet
– seller can request cashout from wallet at any time, receiving payment within 24 hours.

Sadly this process change is a technical necessity: Banks limit our cash transaction volume more so than our transfer volume. Increasing these limits comes at considerable cost, which we do not wish to impose on our sellers. Wallets bundle daily sales activity for prime sellers into single transactions, allowing us to decrease our transaction volume.
Also this frees up time for our staff to support you better. Many of the largest ecommerce platforms handle this process in the exact same way being a result of antiquated and inflexible international banking standards.

As an additional reason, we believe this system offers advantages for you as a seller: Removal of redundant confirmations, full transparency as to your sales revenue, requirements, the ability to use credits received for purchases of your own while avoiding transaction fees, but also for us to introduce additional payment options for your customers in the near future, think crypto currency, direct bank transfers etc. Ultimately this will help you the seller in gaining a wider buying audience at no cost to you!

In summary, we will continue to value both our sellers and buyers as the loyal customers you have proven to be, something the industry doesn’t generally do. We’ve always offered our customers the safest and most convenient platform to sell their digital assets on the internet and I’m positive that we are making a big step in the right direction. We will do our best to make this whole process as smooth and painless as it can be.

Nonetheless please understand that this new site is a major milestone which will introduce a massive technical change and will continue to be a major learning experience for us and our support team for some time to come. Chances are not everything will work 100% smoothly starting day one but we sure will try! Our support team is prepared and ready to help you resolve (and fix) any issues you might encounter in the early days following this transition and our tech team will be actively squashing any bugs as they pop up as fast as they can.  Please support us, with your understanding if not everything is perfect right away, but most importantly, please let us know so we can work on it to improving or fixing problems you encounter, wherever they may be, as our first priority will always be supporting YOU, our valued customer.

Looking forward to remain your preferred and trusted partner,

Your Star-Hangar team