Register as a verified seller

Seller Registration

Selling items in Star-Hangar is easy, all it takes are a few steps to identify yourself as the legit seller and you’re ready to start:

1) Star-Hangar User ID

Please make sure you have a registered user id on our webpage; to create a new user, please register here. A confirmation email will be sent after registration. Should there be any issues, please email us to and we can help you complete your registration manually.

2) Sign the seller frame contract

Items of yours will be sold under a frame agreement with Star-Hangar. Please print out the respective contract draft and have it notarized signed.

FYI: Notarization is a very simple process that takes just a few minutes and allows a verification that the seller is really the person specified in the contract. In the US, notarization is possible at most any local bank, typically free of charge or at UPS stores for a small fee. In other countries including EU, notarization is preferable handled by small notary offices spread all over town, who can do notarization for a tiny fee. Remember to bring an ID and the unsigned contract; typically no appointment is required.

3) EMail us

Please send us an email to with this data:

  1. your Star-Hangar user-id
  2. the scanned, notarized contract
  3. a copy of an id (will be used for signature verification. In case of concerns, please contact our online support chat).
  4. a paypal email of yours for future payments (it’s in the contract, but please provide it clear text to be safe)
  5. a phone number of yours (which will be use only for automated SMS notifications when items have sold)
  6. optional: a custom ‘store’ name, that other users can search for, to find your sale items

Once we have all the required information, we will be register you as a seller and you’re good to go!

4) List your items for sale

Whenever you want to list items for sale, please simply email us to with this data:

  1. your Star-Hangar user-id
  2. the exact item name (please attach a screenshot)
  3. the minimum price you accept for it, net after all fees

If you have questions or would like us to provide price recommendations, our staff will gladly help you in our online support chat.
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Please note that we only support sale of legit owned items. Scams or sale of illicit acquired content is not a game but a legal crime. Star-Hangar has contracted legal support and will press charges to the full extent of the law against all who attempt to defraud Star-Hangar or its customers, without exception no matter how large or small the transgression. We hope that you, as a buyer and/or seller appreciate the effort we take, in ensuring trade is fair and conducted as safely as possible. Thank you, for your collaboration!