Star Hangar - Seller Registration

Seller Registration

Selling items via Star-Hangar is easy, fast and protected - all it takes are a few steps to identify yourself as the legitimate seller and you’re ready to start:

  1. Star-Hangar User ID
    Please make sure you have a registered user id on our webpage; to create a new user, please register here. A confirmation email will be sent after registration. Should there be any issues, please email us to and we can help you complete your registration manually.

  2. Sign the seller frame contract
    Items of yours will be sold under a frame agreement with Star-Hangar. To establish the legal basis, please print out the respective contract draft and have it notarized signed.

    FYI: Notarization is a very simple process to verify the identity of the signee, that is available free of charge in both the US and several EU countries.
    Feel welcome to use our Notary Knowledge base for the best way, on how notarization and legalisation of your frame contract are possible in your country.

  3. Upload the documents
    Head over to the seller application page and upload both contract as well as ID document.
    Once done we will check the documentation and approve it.

  4. List your items for sale
    Once approved you will have full access to our seller portal!
    For information on how to add new products, monitor and complete deliveries and more, please see our Seller Guide.

    Important Note - Due to COVID-19 (aka Corona) Virus Situation

    We understand that access to notaries can proove difficult due to current, global pandemic control measures.
    For your convenience, we thus offer an alternate seller application process that you may choose instead of using a notary:

    a) Please sign and scan the signed contract as a pdf

    b) Please scan your ID as a regulr, readable, good quality image

    c) Please take a photo of yourself where you are showing both the signed contract and your ID to the camera: 

    Show ID and Contract to the Camera
    d) Please upload the scanned contract pdf, the scannned id and the photo to our website's seller application form and choose your store name :)

    We will then approve your application accordingly!

Please note, that Star Hangar is requesting this information in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations and Federal Law. Information provided will not be shared to any 3rd party companies nor will your information ever be used for marketing purposes.  



Click here to return to the overview on Star-Hangar Security measures!

Please note that we only support sale of legit owned items. Scams or sale of illicit acquired content is not a game but a legal crime. Star-Hangar has contracted legal support and will press charges to the full extent of the law against all who attempt to defraud Star-Hangar or its customers, without exception no matter how large or small the transgression. We hope that you, as a buyer and/or seller appreciate the effort we take, in ensuring trade is fair and conducted as safely as possible. Thank you, for your collaboration!

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