Reliable Consignment Process

Star-Hangar protects your sales!

This chapter describes how customers selling goods are protected against illicit disputes of payments. To get back to the overview on all Star-Hangar security measures, please click here!

Safe Trading Procedure

When you as a seller list a product for sale, you are notified by both Email and SMS, informing you about your sale. At this point in time you can rest assured, that upfront payment has been collected and that you can now deliver the goods to the customer.

All you need to do is transfer the item and provide the requested proof of delivery within 24 hours. Following a timeout that allows the buyer to state potential issues and/or after you have provided the logs that show the delivery was accepted, payment is then automatically released and transferred to your account.

In the unlikely case anything has gone wrong, rest assured you are still in good hands: Star-Hangar acts as an escrow holding the buyer’s funds in custody, until the situation was mediated. A full refund to the buyer will only be approved, if the purchased items are returned accordingly. We further provide extensive experience and support, to help protect sellers from post sale disputes according to our Terms of Service.

Thanks to this process, you as a seller can rest assured, you are trading in good hands with Star-Hangar at your side. Register as a seller and start trading today!


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