Reliable Consignment Process

Star-Hangar protects your purchases!

This chapter describes how customers Star Hangar protects your payment in escrow and how Star Hangar ensures your protection against non-delivery of items. To get back to the overview on all Star-Hangar security measures, please click here!


Safe Trading Procedure

When you as a buyer place an order, your payment is first transferred to Star Hangar who then holds your funds in escrow.

Once your payment is safe, he seller of your product is automatically notified to deliver your purchased product to you. Sellers come from all over the globe, but thanks to our 24 hour delivery policy, you can be sure you’ll receive your order promptly. This is supported by automated seller notifications via Email and SMS, helping ensure that the deadline is hard to miss! Once the seller delivers the product, you are instantly notified of your delivery via an email from

In the unlikely case anything has gone wrong, rest assured you are still safe: Star-Hangar acts as an escrow and is still holding your funds in custody for at least 48 hours after successful delivery was confirmed. In the unlikely case anything went wrong, whether an item was not delivered in time, or an item sent does not meet your expectations, please contact our support, either by opening a ticket, via email or or on our live support chat. Our support is here for you to help resolve any issues you encounter, be that by failing over your delivery, providing upgrades free of charge or by refunding your full payment as by your request.

Thanks to this process, you as a buyer can rest assured, you are buying safely with Star-Hangar!
Important note: 
This procedure ensures safe delivery of goods. Please remember to pick up your item and to state any issues within 48 hours of delivery. If no negative feedback is heard from you within 48 hours after your notice of item delivery, we consider all your expectations met and funds will be release to the seller.


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