Buyers Guide: Super Hornet

Super Hornet header, in an asteroid field

The basics

With a standard hardpoint loadout of two M4A laser cannons, two Stalker IRs, and two unmanned turrets fitted with Badger and Bulldog guns, this Hornet packs a stinger that punches through all opposition. Toss in an Allstop shield generator and a ULTRA OverDrive power plant, and you’ve got yourself the F7C-M Super Hornet, Anvil Aerospace’s civilian-class fighter. It’s as capable of taking a beating as giving one.

This is a true military fighter. Its sole purpose is to scrap, and because it’s Anvil, you know you’re in for one hell of a fight. The spacious cockpit features an additional seat, allowing you to split fighting and navigation duties. Flashy, slim in profile, and sporting the red and white colors of the racing world, the Super Hornet promises style, speed, and sensibility for the civilian warrior.

Super Hornet in the hangar, from behind at an angle

Recommended uses for the Super Hornet:

      Veteran recreation
      Private security
      Stunt piloting
      Mercenary work
      Home security

Find your own Super Hornet

Take this vicious civilian fighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“It’s my job to put myself in danger. With my Super Hornet, I know I can also get myself out of it.” – Darwin Steel, head of security for Senator Schor

Darwin Steel gets paid to put himself in the line of fire. As the head of security for the Council for Intergalactic Trade Routes, or CITR, Steel spends his day making sure nothing and no one gets too close to his boss, Senator Karris Schor. As the head of CITR, Senator Schor has a lot of enemies.

When a hostile is present, Steel and his squad of Super Hornets are ready and capable of neutralizing the threat. They’ve swooped in from planetside to take out marauders after Senator Schor’s capital ship, and they’ve made emergency landings on planets where the senator is trying to make bargains with local officials and the negotiations have…gotten out of hand.

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