Buyers Guide: Starfarer

Starfarer header, against a planet

The basics

Like an armadillo trudging across the desert, the well-armored MISC Starfarer transporter burrows steadily through space with its cargo. Be it fuel for ships or medical supplies for the isolated planets forgotten on the outer rim, the Starfarer’s got room, and the means to travel further than the average transporter. And it’s these remote locations that are the most dangerous. That’s why MISC equipped the Starfarer with five turrets — to ensure that all 100 meters of ship are covered in the event of criminal activity.

Spacious and functional, the Starfarer’s command deck is the epitome of efficiency. From the captain’s chair, you can activate the holoscreen and monitor the ship’s status as your crew fills the cargo hold. Long hallways, a kitchen and dining area, and luxurious beds provide plenty of room for the whole crew. Enter the belly of the ship and you’ll find it glowing as the trio of X-Forge engines roar to life. You are ready to embark on your journey.

Starfarer in profile, in space

Recommended uses for the Starfarer:

      Refueling station
      Resource refinery
      Passenger ferry
      Supply transportation
      Disaster relief

Find your own Starfarer

Take this big gas-processing transporter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“When the fires came, we thought our home was lost. Then our savior came in the form of Captain Wills and his Starfarer.” – Greta Shrines, rancher

Last summer, the Shrines were training their newest colt when the alarm sounded. Wildfires were sweeping through the southern part of the country, fueled by the unseasonably strong winds, and they were advancing on the ranch faster than the Shrines could evacuate. Thankfully, local refinery Dunn & Sons deployed a fleet of Starfarers, fuel pods brimming with water and fire retardant.

Within a few hours, Captain Wills and his men had the fire under control and stopped its progression before it could take the Shrines’s family’s livelihood. And today Greta’s well-trained young colt won its first trophy — all thanks to local businesses and MISC’s Starfarer.

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