Buyers Guide: Starfarer Gemini

Starfarer Gemini header image, near two wrecked Starfarers

The basics

Relied upon by the UEE Navy to handle a front-line pounding, MISC’s Starfarer Gemini is the base model all grown up: well-armored, well-armed, and well-shielded. Whether it’s a belly full of fuel for the empty tanks of war or a few precious personal items that can’t be lost, there’s room in a Gemini.

Welcoming living quarters boast a full dining table and kitchen, with room for two to cook (so long as they can stand one another) and a view of the stars overhead. A maze of hallways and a convenient line of escape pods lies between would-be boarders and the deck. There’s easy seating for five crew: the captain, the navigator, the assistant navigator, and two systems engineers.

The hard outer shell and the three turrets armed with Panthers and M-7As keep even the most determined foes off whatever the Gemini may be carrying. Its face smiles with missile teeth, and its fuel pods carry and refine enough hydrogen for itself and its closest allies.

SH Starfarer Gemini

Recommended uses for the Starfarer Gemini:

      Military refueling
      Fuel exploration
      Applied anthropology
      Communications operations
      Deep-space charters

Find your own Starfarer Gemini

Take this powerful tanker-hauler into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“We keep the UEE in the air so they can keep the enemy off our planets.” ~ Chief Engineer Kelly Boggs, Gemini class

When the weight of battle resides in the belly of your ship, you don’t shy away from danger. That’s why the brave men and women of the UEE who volunteer for postings on board Gemini are known as the Guardian Angels. Playing out their intricate dances between Starfarers, the UEE sailors make mobile refueling look like child’s play.

Known for their perfected blend of human and alien technologies, MISC’s Gemini was built with the battlefield in mind. Its systems are straightforward so that any sailor can step in for their crewmate during an emergency.

This accessible design is what empowers crewmen like Chief Engineer Kelly Boggs to fabricate quick fixes during long hauls to the battlefront, and what keeps them flying mission after mission until the job is done…

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