Buyers Guide: Scythe

Scythe header image, against a planet

The basics

What little is known of Vanduul culture may bring to mind ancient warrior civilizations: the Spartans, the Mongols, the Vikings. To the human eye, the Scythe bears the look of a dragon in mid-dive, or a one-winged vampire bat of legend. Its lines, bubbles, and wires were not designed to match any human aesthetic, nor was its asymmetry intended to please any human eye. The end result is undeniable: quick, maneuverable, and deadly in formation.

You’re welcome to climb inside, but the Scythe wasn’t built for you. From the moment you activate the fighter’s underbelly cockpit and climb on the locking chair, you’ll know instinctively you were never meant to fly it. Its very fibers gurgle in a language alien to human ears. The spidery red lines of the HUD are like the threatening claws of a bad dream edging into your vision. Yet, the Scythe accommodates a human pilot with surprising ease, leaving us with the question, what are the Vanduul nation’s intentions?

SH Scythe

Recommended uses for the Scythe:

      Industrial design
      Military strategy

Find your own Scythe

Take this vindictive alien fighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“The best way to find out what’s going on in your enemy’s mind is to learn about what her hands are building.” ~ Mela Tulwys, xenosociologist

For most of Mela Tulwys’s career in Division, she was pushing paperwork. But when three gatherers from the Yar office returned from a violent mission with a captured Vanduul Scythe in tow, Mela’s degree in xenosociology was suddenly in high demand. Using her expertise and with the aid of a team of eager assistants, Mela uncovered the Vanduul fighters’ key weaknesses and assisted the Division in developing training programs delivered in secret to the UEE military.

And when it was proposed by the director that someone should take the Scythe right under the Vanduul snouts, the obvious woman for the job was Mela. That’s how she found herself prone in the cockpit of an enemy fighter, speeding to the territory of the greatest known threat to the UEE…

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