Buyers Guide: Retaliator

Retaliator header image, against a planet

The basics

In a sea of one-seat fighters and two-crew spacecraft, the Aegis Retaliator stands out like a castle nestled amongst a tranquil village. Designed to withstand the warzone and make up for the bulky, vulnerable bombers of its time, the Retaliator makes no secret of its thick skin and bristling armaments.

A crewed Retaliator will punish its enemies with the fury of an empire’s finest ordnance, and the pilot’s job remains singular: fly. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew can man the Retaliator’s turret arsenal. This is the selling point of the Retaliator: size 4 hardpoints on five turrets, enough firepower to take down ships larger than the ‘Tali. These multicrew bombers serve as loyal fleet members, defenders in dangerous warzones, or personal walled palaces in space.


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Padded cockpit of a Retaliator

Recommended uses for the Retaliator:

      Bombing runs
      Squadron transportation
      Personal defense (for high-profile targets)
      Cargo hauling
      Trade in dangerous space

Find your own Retaliator

Take this steady bomber platform into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“Retaliation is kind of my thing.” ~ Alise Manora, CEO of Horizon Reprisal Services and attorney-at-law

The job of the Horizon Reprisal Services CEO is simple: stay alive, and fleece foes in the courtroom as legally as you can manage. Alise Manora takes her primary directives very seriously, and doesn’t travel anywhere without her Retaliator Southern Tern and her entourage of six. There’s plenty of room in the ship for everyone thanks to the dropship module in the back, even when they pick up a screened squadron of Marines…just as a precaution for particularly high-risk trials. When one is extracting a (mostly metaphorical) pound of flesh from a dangerous mineral refinement conglomerate, it’s good to have a few extra guns around.

Dropping out one of the ordnance bays in favor of a living module lets Manora and the others to take shifts relaxing, dining, and sleeping while the Southern Tern plows on to the next contentious destination. It’s a life on the edge — but it’s certainly not unpleasant.

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