Buyers Guide: Reliant Kore

Reliant Kore header image, against a moon

The basics

Bringing their unique touch to the world of space travel, Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern made their newest mini-hauler with a proverbial — and literal — twist. The mini-hauler Reliant Kore comes outfitted with omni-directional thrusters and a fully-articulated cockpit. Unwilling to be a flying brick, the Kore brings finesse and grace to the world of shipping.

With 180 degrees of canopy, the Kore’s cockpit provides what every pilot wants more of: visibility. With two seats in the articulating cockpit, you can rest easy during longer stretches of travel. Built for comfort and diversity of use, the Reliant Kore is a ship you can enjoy year in and year out.

SH Reliant Kore

Recommended uses for the Reliant Kore:

    1. Family vacations
    1. Nomad lifestyles
    1. Handymen
    1. Relocation services
    1. Planet cartography
    1. Light cargo hauling

Find your own Reliant Kore

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“Shep and Charlie, our two pooches, love the Kore’s spaciousness. It really keeps them entertained on our longer trips.” ~ Windy Shar, music historian and festival-goer

Last year, Windy Shar and Mitchel Trute — lovers of the Old Earth Woodstock traditions — decided to follow a festival tour during their honeymoon. Both alien or humanoid, the Shar-Trute family struck out on their journey in Windy’s trusty Reliant Kore.

Loading the cargo hold with camping gear, their two dogs and souvenirs from along their journey, Windy and Mitchel effortlessly sailed the skies in spacious comfort, thanks to the Reliant Kore’s convenient loading ramp, economical cargo hold and expansive two-seater cockpit.

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