Buyers Guide: Pirate Caterpillar

Pirate Caterpillar header image, sitting in a hangar

The basics

From the ruthless engineers of Drake Interplanetary comes the greatest generation of transportation. Modular to the nth degree, the pirate edition of the Caterpillar pulls no punches when it comes to versatility and function. Load and unload cargo and passengers with ease from the side, front, and undercarriage elevators. And on those dangerous salvage missions? Simply open all access panels and let your tractor beam take care of the heavy lifting.

The Caterpillar’s two gunner stations come equipped with advanced targeting systems, making for maximum coverage over the entire length of the ship and leaving no question that it’s prepared for a fight. Civilians and lawbreakers alike will find this hauler more than adequate, no matter the space lanes you frequent.

Caterpillar from behind, headed to a station

Recommended uses for the pirate Caterpillar:

    1. Being the “Scourge of the Spacelanes”
    1. Piracy
    1. Transport
    1. Deep space maintenance
    1. Salvage
    1. Giant parties

Find your own pirate Caterpillar

Take the swashbuckling version of this versatile hauler into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide


“Space can be a tricky trap to navigate. Be a shame to get lost out there all alone.” ~ O’Malley Jack, racketeer and oddities collector

For those unfortunate enough to cross his path, O’Malley Jack and his crew’s intimidation is second only to the matte black Caterpillar upon which they stalk the skies. Aptly named Hell Serpent, this part-chop-shop, part-armory slithers through UEE space, outsmarting law enforcement to terrorize men, women and bureaucrats alike.

O’Malley has perfected what is now coined the “Quantum Shuffle.” A crewman activates their Dragonfly’s distress beacon near a jump point to await the arrival of a rescue ship. Their ruse convinces their rescuers to carry them through the jump point to a secluded quadrant. Right into Hell Serpent’s crosshairs and Jack’s waiting talons…

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