Buyers Guide: P-52 Merlin

Merlin header image, against a planet

The basics

Clean lines and precision design radiate from every edge of a P-52 Merlin. Building for speed and agile maneuvering, Kruger Intergalactic pulled out all the stops for their premier snub fighter. Whether you’re entering the race course for a little extra UEC or zipping behind enemy lines, the Merlin responds to your every command without hesitation.

Long, languid lines dance across space, tempting all whom you pass. Her sleek form cuts through the air like a dagger turned loose from a knifeman’s dexterous fingers. She’s twelve meters of calculated skill, housing two fixed wing laser cannons and one Tigerstreik mounted in her nose for ultimate streamlined design. She’s a magician. She’s a Merlin.

Merlin landed on a Caterpillar

Recommended uses for the P-52 Merlin:

    1. Damage assessment of capital ships
    1. Quick escapes
    1. Joyrides
    1. Message delivery
    1. Trick flights
    1. Planetary surveying

Find your own P-52 Merlin

Take this spunky snub into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide


“We have our big ships to do the heavy lifting of deep space travel. But when it comes to pioneering the world of medicine? That requires a little more finesse. That takes a Kruger Merlin.” ~ Statement by Deo Research & Exploration

Dr. Lohmu’s job is to explore. His job is much easier with the help of his P-52 Merlin. Setting out in his Andromeda class Constellation for uncharted ecosystems around the ‘verse, Dr. Lohmu and his crew are no strangers to dangerous excitement. So when his ship requires exterior maintenance far from any UEE shipyard, Lohmu’s mechanic hops from the Constellation into the snub and has the Connie’s systems up and running in no time.

And when it comes time to punch through atmo and into the majestic wonders of planets humanity knows so little about, Kruger’s right there, gracefully delivering Lohmu to the surface with the needle-point precision only a Merlin can provide.

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