Buyers Guide: Mustang Beta

Mustang Beta header, in the hangar

The basics

The Mustang Beta cuts a sharp, confident figure from every angle. Its size belies its speed and maneuverability, but the impressive silhouettes of the twin CO Magma Jet engines gives away its sporty punch at even a cursory glance. It’s an undeniably perky ship, rising up like an hawk from every landing pad or hangar floor, aching to fly.

On the inside, the Mustang Beta’s efficient use of available room and its myriad amenities surprise and delight. Take command of your ship from the beautifully styled pilot’s seat — Consolidated Outland clearly believes in flying fashionably, and with near-perfect ergonomics. Over-engineered and eager to please, the Mustang Beta is an elegant pilot’s choice.

Recommended uses for the Mustang Beta:

    1. Field research
    1. Light exploration
    1. Planetary surveying
    1. Inter-system taxi service
    1. Low-cost touring

Find your own Mustang Beta

Take this plucky upgraded starter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“In my line of work travelling through hostile territory is a necessity and I know I can rely on my Mustang Beta to get me where I’m needed, safely.” – Gwen Valence

Doctor Valence, lead xenoarcheologist of Starfire Laboratories, spends most days hopping between dig sites on rebel planets Mya, Leir I, and Lorona. In her search to gain more understanding of Vanduul culture (as well as a viable jump point beyond the Banshee System), Valence often finds herself in either a scrap with the local miners of Mya, or a race against a swarm of Vanduul scouts.

The Mustang Beta provides easy and efficient transportation that has the guts and agility to out-maneuver any threats, while incorporating the same precision and finesse with which this scientist approaches her own research.

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