Buyers Guide: M50

M50 header image, against a planet

The basics

Origin Jumpworks had something to prove when they designed the M50. This red falcon of a racer is as fast as it looks. It exudes confidence and superiority, and when it blows past an attacker or a challenger, its attitude is justified. The M50 is definitely built for a single pilot, and very little cargo — but it dances as gracefully as any bird of prey. Its haughty fuselage, sharp-angled wings, and bold paint job scream speed — and its performance delivers.

The M50 has a sole purpose and a serious pedigree. It’s most at home on the race course, whether that’s weaving through an asteroid field or barreling through a residential area in atmo. One of the fastest ships on the market, the M50 powers past competitors and looks good doing it.


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Recommended uses for the M50:

    1. Professional racers
    1. Stunt pilots
    1. Promoters
    1. Action-vid stars

Find your own M50

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“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Nose and nose at every turn.” ~ Juda Barner, sideline reporter for VSPN

The opening day of the 8th annual Z-Games on VSPN were a historic occasion: it was the first time two galaxy record-holders faced off with the possibility of one of them snagging a third galaxy record. Reporters across the Spectrum speculated about the head-to-head challenge through the Kender Loop, a track exclusive to the Z-Games that combined atmo and non-atmo flight. Two M50s huddled inside the starting tunnel. Two M50s rose up off the ground, retracting their landing gear, as the countdown whistle blew. And when the horn blared and the crowd sent up a throaty roar, two M50s exploded off the line, their record-setting pilots guiding them like wild mustangs through the skyscrapers of Hai…

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