Buyers Guide: Gladiator

Gladiator header image, above Olisar

The basics

From the front, Anvil Aerospace’s latest creation, the Gladiator, looks like a mighty hawk swooping onto its prey. Its paint is a sharp uniform, emphasizing its military bent — a heritage expertly paired with intuitive controls for a fighter any skilled pilot can command. Much like its namesake, the Gladiator is primed for close, brutal combat.

The controls are an extension of the pilot, responsive to the quick decisions necessary in a dogfight. Built for efficiency, Anvil’s versatile bomber contains a secondary seat for your communications and gunner crewmate. Whether amongst the stars or dodging mountain peaks, the Gladiator is prepared for the most difficult conditions.

SH Gladiator

Recommended uses for the Gladiator:

    1. Search and rescue operations
    1. Mercenary work
    1. Long-range combat missions
    1. Dogfighting
    1. Relief work

Find your own Gladiator

Take this powerful two-pilot fighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“We fight, we die, all for the glory of the UEE.” ~ Captain Markus Wallace

Just before leading his men on what was doomed to be a suicide mission, Captain Markus Wallace penned what would later be called “The Battle Cry of Mankind.”  The men of Civilian Squad 17 knew they were flying into certain death — but only a few would make that ultimate sacrifice, thanks to the protection of their Gladiators’ six-point shield systems.

Captain Wallace’s wife was famously quoted as saying, “For the glory of the UEE and the life of my husband, we owe it all to Anvil Aerospace. They saved us all!”

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