Buyers Guide: Freelancer

Freelancer header image, in an asteroid field

The basics

MISC dreamed of new kind of cargo ship, one that broke the rules and defied previously accepted limitations. Taking the technology and aesthetics of Xi’An engineering, they created the Freelancer, the ship of the future. Its hard shell and punch of firepower protects against too much attention in the dark recesses of space, and its Arc Duo engines and ATK distributor system leave a minimal signature, protecting you and your cargo from the sticky fingers of unsavory adversaries.

Risky deliveries with minimal crew are no problem. The Freelancer needs only enough hands to protect the peripherals with a rear turret gunner, decipher data and ship settings from the co-pilot seat, and confidently operate the controls from the captain’s seat with comfortable precision. Designed to empower her crew to achieve, the Freelancer is highly modifiable for accomplishing any job you throw at her.

Freelancer, against a planet

Recommended uses for the Freelancer:

    1. Merchant
    1. Deep space exploration
    1. Blockade formation
    1. Emergency transport
    1. Evacuation

Find your own Freelancer

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“It’s daunting staring down an enemy, knowing that your ship is the last point of defense for your family.” ~ Duncan Braun, civilian supply transporter

After a string of Vanduul raiding parties slaughtered hundred of humans, the colonies of Orion III were given little choice but to leave the planet when the UEE Navy decided it could no longer protect them. But thanks to individuals like Duncan Braun, colonies were able to evacuate to safer lands without military or government assistance.

With his Freelancer’s cargo hold filled to the limit with neighbors and strangers alike, Braun successfully transported families from the threats of Orion III back to UEE protected airspace. Protected by three Beijing GH-146m shield generators and the MISC XiTech thrusters, Braun completed several trips before he sustained enough damage to halt his missions. In total, Braun and his Freelancer saved 317 souls.

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