Buyers Guide: F7C Hornet

Hornet header image, with a beam of light and asteroids behind

The basics

Anvil Aerospace struck a chord with die-hard fighter pilots when they minted the F7C Hornet. Squat and craggy, the blocky white craft may not win any beauty contests, but it’s guaranteed to turn heads with the sound of its engines and the flash of its thrusters. The Hornet exerts a rugged strength and shows off a pedigree dating back to some of the first Earth fighter jets. Vicious against its foes and gleeful in the hands of a friend, the Hornet is the right fighter for the everyday warrior.

Anvil designed the Hornet to be extremely customizable — whether it’s cargo or another turret, the fighter’s loadout can be optimized for your needs. Between its neutron guns and its repeaters, the standard Hornet is ready to unzip unsuspecting fighters and cargo ships alike. It’s ready for a fight whenever you are.

Hornet from above

Recommended uses for the F7C Hornet:

    1. Frontier home defense
    1. Security patrols
    1. Counterintelligence operatives
    1. Fighter squadrons
    1. Mercenaries

Find your own F7C Hornet

Take this rugged, reliable fighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“Trust me. You bust someone’s ass, they’re gonna try and bust back. You ain’t gettin’ through Concorde.” – Azzie Evins, skiptracer

Azzie Evins got her degree in structural engineering. After graduation, she expected her day job to be sizing up the safety of buildings and poring over plans for schools and hospitals with the architects. But turns out the most lucrative business she can get into is skip-tracing. When small-time criminals skip bail, Azzie takes the call and goes after them in her Hornet Concorde. There’s more than enough punch in her Anvil fighter to take down the kinds of idiots who think they can bug out and avoid paying the five to ten thousand credits for their bail.

This latest call feels weird, though, especially after she reads the name on the skip: Colby Tamron, also known as the Baron. Someone she once reckoned with, in her three years on the street before the orphanage. But Azzie knows Concorde is up for just about anything, so she fires up the hammer propulsion engine and blows out of Stanton…

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