Buyers Guide: Cutlass Black

Cutlass Black header, facing another Cutlass Black

The basics

The Cutlass Black is 29 meters of fight. Forget about traditional fighters — this scrappy beast prefers her battles up close and personal. Taunting the competition with two middle fingers blazing and a corkscrew spin that will leave the enemy (and its missiles) trailing, the Cutlass Black flirts with danger…and makes it her b*$!h.

Whether slicing through a debris field or evading an enemy’s missiles, the Cutlass Black will outmaneuver anything and anyone that crosses its path. She’s a heavyweight champion for the pilot looking for a versatile combination fighter-transporter, equipped with a wide rear hatch for those moments when a quick load-and-unload is necessary. With a factory loadout of two Joker Suckerpunch distortion cannons, a twin neutron gun turret, and a Suregrip tractor turret, the Cutlass Black is not only built for close-combat fighting, she craves it.

Cutlass Black in the hangar

Recommended uses for the Cutlass Black:

    1. Militia
    1. Bounty hunting
    1. Freelance trucking
    1. Trade
    1. Warrant processing

Find your own Cutlass Black

Take this nontraditional fighter-transporter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide


“I don’t take orders. I give them.” – Former Lieutenant Colonel Katherine Chau

Lt. Col. Chau and her motley crew of former Marines and farmers came to Min 1b hoping to start a new life after the war. What they found was just like the Wild West of Earth’s past.

And when corrupt government officials told her to bend to the thugs controlling the skies, Chau and her squad took matters into their own hands, tracking down lawbreakers and pirates in their own fleet of hardy ships.

When reached for comment, Chau said, “I have confidence in my Cutlass Black to take the fight to my opponent. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little ‘screw you’ attitude?”

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