Buyers Guide: Constellation Andromeda

Constellation Andromeda header, leaping into quantum travel

The basics

The Constellation Andromeda was designed by manufacturer Robert Space Industries to be a modular, multi-function, multi-crew tower in the stars — a scrappy warrior freighter equipped for long-range voyages. Its three-person cockpit juts out like a bulldog’s jaw in front of the four Hammer Propulsion engines, and its strategically-placed vertical takeoff and landing fans give it an sharp maneuverability advantage in atmosphere over many other large craft.

You’ve got a crew of five, and the Constellation Andromeda’s got room for all of them. There’s no crowding, no squeezing past each other in tight hallways — just a spacious, sprawling open floor plan. And for the hotshot Merlin pilot you’ve brought aboard, there’s even a place to dock the little scout fighter. If you’re seeking an affordable space superiority platform, you want a Constellation Andromeda.

Constellation Andromeda from behind at an angle

Recommended uses for the Andromeda:

    1. Trading goods (legitimate or otherwise)
    1. Government transportation
    1. Transportation authority enforcement
    1. Air quality analysis
    1. Inter-system parcel delivery

Find your own Constellation Andromeda

Take this hefty, modular freighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“Unstoppable. That’s what I’d call that damn thing.” ~ Inmate 517355X, from prison

Pirate captain Blaggard Gronds takes great care to choose his targets. Thus, he’s excited when the call comes in on his illegally-acquired shortwave: Luxuria Silks is about to lift off from Terran Prime with a heavy load. Luxuria is typically an easy target.

So imagine his surprise when Luxuria’s owner, Liaggi Sloan, comes charging through the atmosphere in a Constellation Andromeda. Blaggard tries to recover and tells his people to attack… but it’s quickly clear that Sloan and Luxuria Silks are going to win this time as the Connie Andro rolls ponderously and batters pirates out of the sky. Now known only as Inmate 517355X, Blaggard spends his days regretting the decision to take on that Andro.

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