Buyers Guide: Buccaneer

Buccaneer header image, against an out-of-focus asteroid field

The basics

Drake Interplanetary took space combat to an extreme with its true fighter model, the Buccaneer. Claiming it was outfitted for interdiction, Drake packed everything into this squat bird: more than twice as many maneuvering thrusters than an F7C Hornet; a size-2 power plant for maximum zip; a size-3 shield to ward off the baddies; and seven hardpoints to rip apart everything within range.

Who are we kidding? No one buys a Buccaneer looking for a hauler. It’s a brawler, through and through. And it’s made to get battered, which–who are we kidding?–it will. The ‘Bucc is a target to anyone whose interests don’t precisely align with its pilot’s. Luckily it’s more than ready for the challenge. Though Drake continues to insist that pirates can take their piracy and shove it up the engine, the ‘Bucc has proven to be a favorite of swashbuckling rogues…


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Buccaneer in the hangar

Recommended uses for the Buccaneer:

      Local law enforcement
      Protecting capital ships
      Trick flights

Find your own Buccaneer

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“They could build a flying shoe and I’d still take it for a test flight…and I’d probably like it more than I should.” ~ Birdie Wilson, satisfied Drake Interplanetary customer since 2935

Birdie Wilson developed her obsession for Drake on her thirteenth birthday when her grandmother, former shipping tycoon Amelia Crowne, bequeathed Birdie her first Drake Cutlass. From that first ship, Birdie devoted herself to the collection of all things Drake, going so far as to decorate her dormitory at United University of Sol in grimy greens, yellows and black heavy-duty tarps — in what she described as “quintessential Drake half-assed aesthetic.”

So it came as no surprise that on the ‘Bucc release day, Birdie was first in line to purchase Drake’s premier fighter-class ship. And with every news station of the UEE watching, she threw a flirtatious wink toward the cameras, punched the throttle and ripped through the launch tube, drowning out the cheers with the beastly rumble of her engines…

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