Buyers Guide: Avenger Stalker

Avenger Stalker header, against a planet and moon

The basics

Spartan yet elegant, the Avenger Stalker hunches on the landing pad like a menacing cat, awaiting a load of living cargo. When it’s no longer the pursuer, the Stalker’s sturdy, burly hull protects pilot and passengers from danger. Equipped standard with a beastly Kruger Intergalactic Tigerstreik T-21 cannon, it chews up and spits out the tail ends of its hapless prey.

Aegis Dynamics designed it to make the most of a fighting transport and to provide its pilot with warmth and security from threats both inside and outside the ship. The bed doubles as an escape pod with life support, and if you’re hauling fugitives or transporting prisoners, you can keep them inert in up to six pods in the cargo bay. Arching towards battle, keen to join the fray, the Stalker is the perfect companion for rough frontier worlds.

SH Avenger Stalker 21

Recommended uses for the Avenger Stalker:

    1. Bounty hunting
    1. Patrolling
    1. Law enforcement
    1. Probation enforcement
    1. Bail enforcement
    1. Frontier home defense

Find your own Avenger Stalker

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“Don’t thank me, thank my Stalker.” ~ Hapri Sonner

When he sets eyes on the Stalker parked in the impound lot, Hapri Sonner knows immediately it’s the craft for him. It’s not just the two size-2 hardpoints or the missile mounts, it’s the durable landing gear and the versatile cargo bay too. Hapri tracks it down at auction the next weekend, brings half his savings in cash, and outbids the only other interested party.

A sanitation worker by day, Hapri volunteers to spend his nights deterring crime in his home city of New Triton — so he quickly spots the farmer in his Argo under duress, chased down a canyon by two Dragonflies. A swift twitch of the Stalker’s sticks, and Hapri is behind the Dragonflies, disabling them with carefully-placed shots to their power plants and saving the farmer from a season’s worth of lost crops.

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