Buyers Guide: Aurora MR

Aurora MR header image, in an asteroid field

The basics

Aurora fans know something the ships’ detractors will never understand: There’s nothing quite like the steady feel of an RSI craft under your command. The Aurora Marque is no exception — though it may not belong at the front of the phalanx attack, the MR is hardly defenseless. Its matching pair of Behring M3A lasers fix on targets and pester them with, as Roberts Space Industries puts it in their brochure, “respectable damage potential.”

Hands on the comfort grip controls, back pressed into the contours of the ArmaBrace chair, and you’re locked in the MR’s embrace. The first time you climb in, or when you’re wondering about a funny light you’ve never seen before, the MR offers an interactive vid-manual. And when it’s time to retire, tuck yourself into the hypersleep cab and enjoy soothing music or planet noises through the surround-sound speaker system…

Aurora MR, in the hangar

Recommended uses for the Aurora MR:

    1. Commuters
    1. Company fleets
    1. Demolition derbies
    1. Solo surface explorers

Find your own Aurora MR

Take this hearty, sturdy starter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide


“First loser, my a**. That Argo cheated! Edi had a battering ram! That s**t is not stock!” ~ Salomón Sekhar, Nul Demolition Derby second place winner

Just like every other kid in his hometown of Char, Salomón Sekhar has had his eyes on the Nul Demolition Derby prize since he could glue two bits of wood together. At age 12, he saved up everything he earned from scrubbing neighborhood sulfur filters to buy himself an older Aurora MR named Tranquility — which he’s worked on every day after school for the last six years. Now with graduation behind him, Salomón is readying Tranquility for his first entry into the 74th annual Demo Derby.

Salomón has turned the Marque into a brutal-looking demolition machine: black paint, silver skulls, a screaming bird of prey on the wing. He’s covered the glass with steel panels. Even still, when he finally sits in that massive, fenced-in arena he’s ogled on Spectrum his whole young life, his hands shake on the controls as he stares at the other Auroras and Argos waiting to fly at Tranquility at full speed…

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