Buyers Guide: Aurora LN

Aurora header image, against a planet

The basics

Purpose-made for the minimalist solo pilot, the Aurora LN begs to be underestimated. But draw closer, and this Aurora flies its true flag. It bristles with Klaus and Werner Bulldog whiskers, one to either side of the cockpit, and two additional hardpoints give this plucky explorer even more teeth. It’s an affordable exploration vessel that can go anywhere and do just about anything.

Clamber over the contoured ArmaBrace seat and post up at your pair of trusty touch panels, where the ship’s vitals are carefully arranged for maximum glanceability. Although a sturdy spaceframe criss-crosses the cockpit, there’s a lot of visibility through the diamond-laminate canopy. And though the LN may be boxy on the pad, it leaps joyfully into space, twisting and turning alongside fighter-class ships under a skillful hand.

SH Aurora LN08

Recommended uses for the Aurora LN:

    1. Construction
    1. Embedded journalism
    1. Prospecting
    1. Farming in high-risk colonies
    1. Courier services

Find your own Aurora LN

Take this crafty upgraded starter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide


“She’s hardy, she’s capable and, thank the stars, she’s mine.” ~ Milly Lynne

Milly and her Aurora LN, Cirrus Q, are responsible for hauling 500 four-ton custom parts from the Yulin Flotilla to the half-built RedDome mining station in the upper atmosphere of Yulin VI. On a good day, they make up to twelve trips back and forth, with Cirrus Q bravely battling the nearly 400-km/m winds to carry the precious cargo safely to the building site.

On especially stormy days, when a fistful of metal would decimate most ships’ cockpits, Milly and Cirrus Q keep working on their own, turning away only when DAC (the damage analysis computer) bleats warning. And when it’s time to re-supply, Milly can sidle Cirrus Q up to the overburdened Tauruses and use the docking rings to easily load up what they need.

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