Buyers Guide: Argo Personnel

Argo Personnel, coming in for a landing

The basics

There’s a job for every Argo Personnel, and an Argo Personnel for every job. On the outside, the Personnel is a bit like a fat cricket, ready to spring across short distances with pluck and power. The Personnel’s bright yellow paint scheme evokes the taxi cabs or school buses of Earth, signaling its singular purpose. Its reinforced metal exterior can withstand climates and conditions far beyond human limitations — even while carrying up to eight passengers to safety.

Sidle up behind an Argo Personnel, and its round doors will tuck and open eagerly to let you inside. Once you’re in, the same mighty sealing doors stand between you and the vacuum of space. There’s not much in the way of decoration or pretense in the Personnel — from the spacious one-pilot compartment in the front, to the efficient eight-passenger space in the back, this Argo industriously makes use of every inch.

Argo Personnel, in the hangar, with the Self Land logo

Recommended uses for the Argo Personnel:

    1. Military transportation
    1. Tourists
    1. Dropship operations
    1. Heliskiiers
    1. Large families

Find your own Argo Personnel

Take this rugged personal transport into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“I get you to where the adventure is, and I get you home!” ~ marketing material for Evelia’s Heliskiing Adventures

Evelia, a fourth-generation Urielan, found her calling at age 19: she bought her uncle’s old Argo Personnel Fang at a steep discount, gave it a snazzy bright paint job, and created a ski course down jagged Nurul Peak, accessible only via air. Evelia’s Heliskiing Adventures became popular system-wide, and one evening, Evelia got a call from Nina Tadala’s personal bodyguard: the singer wished to take her family on a heliskiing trip for her 35th birthday. Evelia whisked them to the top of Nurul Peak — where the high winds nearly ripped them out of the sky and sent Nina and her boyfriend tumbling into the rocks.

Evelia expertly landed Fang on a nearly sheer cliff face and shimmied across to where Nina lay sprawled in the snow with a severe concussion. She managed to get both skiiers back onto the ship and strapped safely into two seats apiece. While the bodyguard kept them calm and reclined, Evelia and the Argo battled the severe winds to return to the Urielan medical facility in plenty of time for the help they needed.

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