Buyers Guide: 300i

300i header image, near a station

The basics

The 300i is all lines and trapezoids raised into three dimensions, forming one hell of a touring craft. Crafted from recessed titanium struts to render its good looks functional, this ship toys with opponents in the race lanes and in hostile space. The cockpit is even spacious enough to be a throne room, giving its single passenger plenty of room to stretch out and move around on longer flights.

With its full-bore ventral T4 thruster, the 300i punches like a heavyweight. Peppered with stabilizing thrusters to keep its breakneck course steady, it cuts and weaves like a lithe white dolphin playing in the waves. Soft where others are snub and yet almost architectural, the 300i cuts a proud figure worthy of even the most image-conscious pilot.

300i from behind

Recommended uses for the 300i:

    1. Professional racing
    1. Diplomacy
    1. Leisure flights
    1. Promotion
    1. Media production

Find your own 300i

Take this luxury touring craft into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“I can’t believe I survived that. But I did.” ~ Laurie Rietveld

Laurie Rietveld holds his breath and squeezes the yoke of the company ship, a 300i he’s taken to calling “Burro.” In just three minutes, he’ll be attempting the galaxy’s longest (known) powerless glide through an obstacle course — all in the good name of Nostaljuice, RefreshCo’s line of old Earth drinks.

Burro purrs beneath Laurie, reassuring him. They’ve done this together before, practiced this a hundred times, on unlicensed courses. Laurie grins, remembering all the close calls with asteroid fragments and suspension bridges. The loudspeaker booms: “Flying the deadly Death Row course without engines, flying a 300i for Nostaljuice, iiiiit’s LAURIE RIETVELD! Pilot, take the yoke… Get set… GO!”

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