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Buyer's FAQ:

What is Star Hangar offering?

Star Hangar is ∙the∙ place to buy and sell digital usage rights for online space games, including Ships, Vehicles, Weapons, Armor, Artwork, Blueprints, and much more.

Our key games are:

    • Star Citizen:
      Find Ships, Gear, Decoration Items, and much more – everything you need to cover your Star Citizen needs!
      Ships and other assets sold are virtual items for the online Science Fiction game Star Citizen developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) & Cloud Imperium Games (CIG). Virtual items purchased at Star Hangar are exclusive limited use licenses, sold in agreement with RSI’s Terms of Service and subject to RSI’s End User License Agreement (EULA). No physical shipment is required.

    • Starbase
      Find Blueprints for Space Ships, Starbases, and much more - get a hold of the best construction plans in the Universe!
      Blueprints purchased at Star Hangar are player-created content stored in local files that allows the creation of complex products in-game, as by the seller's design. You are entitled to use them in unlimited ways in-game, except for re-distribution or commercial resale. Products created from blueprints are subject to Frozenbyte's Terms of Service. No physical shipment is required.

Star Hangar also is ∙the∙ place to buy and sell game accounts for all your favorite games!
Browsing our inventory, you'll find valuable and rare assets for many games, from traditional Roleplaying to Science Fiction games.


How do I find the product I'm looking for?

Best take a look at our New Customer Guide - it explains how to search for products on our webpage efficiently.
Also, for Star Citizen fans, check out our Star Citizen Ship Guide and our Star Citizen Vehicle Guide for an overview of some of the available products. 


What payment types are accepted? Do I need a PayPal account?

Star Hangar offers a variety of payment providers you can choose from. These include:

      • PayPal
      • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
        Please note that right now, American Express Payments are temporarily not supported, we are working to resolve the issue.
      • Crypto Currencies via Coinbase
        NOTE: We currently do not support Coinbase online checkout, however, you can simply open a ticket to support, and we will invoice you for the amount you want to spend. The amount will then be pre-charged to your wallet and can be used for your purchases as desired.
      • you may also use funds pre-charged to your wallet from your own sales.

We support pre-charging your account with multiple digital payment methods such as bitcoin. Please contact our sales support if you'd like to know more.

How do buying and delivery work? 

Real simple:
Go to our sales menu and add the ships or items you want to purchase to your cart and process through payment.
Within 24 hours, our digital merchandise will be delivered to you online, via email.


      • Items partially or fully paid using PayPal as a payment service, are delivered to the email used by your PayPal account
      • Items purchased with any other payment method (e.g. crypto currency, credit card, or Star Hangar store credits) will be sent to the email used by your Star Hangar account.
        Note that when buying products from multiple sellers, you'll see one extra order id that you may ignore, as in order to ensure a single charge to your credit card, we'll use that to charge your account and then place the orders from there. 

Delivery details vary by product type:

      • Star Citizen Products
        Within 24 hours after payment (though usually a lot faster) you will receive an email from, being sent to your PayPal or Star Hangar email address depending on the payment method chosen (see above). This email will contain a code/link that when clicked, will instantly transfer the ship to whatever Star Citizen RSI Account you are logged into. Please ensure you are logged into the right account, as the ship or item cannot be transferred again thereafter. 
        --> This email address does not need to match your RSI's account email, but any will work. Please do not reveal your RSI account details. 

        Note that deliveries for the game Star Citizen sometimes end in your spam folder, so please check there too. Adding the RSI email to your address book may help prevent that.

      • Starbase Products
        You will receive an email containing the blueprint file. Please click in Windows on Startmenu-> Run and type: "%appdata%/starbase/ssc/autosave/ship_blueprints". Once there, save your file received to this folder and rename it to be the one with the highest number (e.g. rename it to "ship_9999.fbe" - the renaming is mandatory for the game to recognize it.)
        Now start the game, visit the in-game ship-designer and import the blueprint, which will now be your latest auto-save. If you like you may then Save the ship under a proper name.

      • Game Accounts (including Star Citizen Accounts)
        You will receive an email with the contract attached. Contracts for purchases >$500 will be notarized and signed.
        Please check the contract carefully, which will also include the login information. Login and verify all content is as expected.
        If in doubt, please contact Star Hangar Support

      • Game Licenses (CD Keys) & Valorant Game Keys
        You will receive an email with the appropriate key that can be reclaimed at the respective gaming portal (e.g. Steam).
        Please contact Star Hangar Support if in doubt.

We kindly ask you to pick up your product within 24 hours after delivery!

Is buying/selling safe?

We at Star Hangar take customer protection seriously and we have made the protection of buyers and sellers alike our top priority.


You can find extensive documentation of our reliable processes and extensive security measures in our trade security guide.

I didn’t get my product within 24 hours, what should I do?  

Most importantly, do not panic! You are covered by our 100% Safe Guarantee and your payment is protected by us: just contact our support and we’ll make it right!
While delivery delays are rare, there are multiple potential causes:

► We rely on in-game services from RSI to transfer items; check your spam folder – some mail services chose to regard Star Citizen-related emails as spam.
► We rely on in-game services from RSI to transfer items; outages in RSI’s server service may delay deliveries. 
► We work with 3rd parties (especially consignment partners) from time zones all over the world, sometimes causing issues.
► Account sellers need to notarize contracts which may take a few business days.

In case your ordered product does not arrive within the promised 24 hours, please follow these steps:

► Double check your email account (PayPal or Star Hangar Email depending on your payment type used) and its spam folder
► Please open a support ticket and report your order id and the fact that your item did not arrive on time. We'll investigate and fix it.

Please rest assured that your payment is safe with us, sellers are only paid 48 hours after delivery has been confirmed, so you have sufficient time to report any issues. If delivery really fails and if for some reason we cannot upgrade you to an equal or better model, then we will refund you accordingly, including all fees.

If I contact Star Hangar support, what languages can I help in?

Our support is available in the English language and you can find our support team here in Live Chat on our discord server.

If you don’t mind a slightly longer wait, we also have native speakers in these languages:
► Wir können Ihre Anfragen gerne auch auf Deutsch beantworten!
► Nous serons heureux de vous fournir une assistance en français!


I have issues, how can I get help?

Don't panic, we're here to help you! You can reach our support team here:

► Open a support ticket

► In our Discord Live Chat


I have question, how can I contact a seller?

Please contact our 24/7 support, who will help you answer your request

► Open a support ticket

► In our Discord Live Chat

Our team is available 24/7 and can support you in multiple languages. If our support is unable to directly answered your question, our team will follow up and contact the seller on your behalf to ensure a timely and professional answer. We strongly encourage to utilize our support over contacting sellers directly, who are global individuals that often don't speak English, have limited availability and online time, and who may not be experienced in dealing with customers. Please feel welcome to contact our support team instead, who are trained and professional to ensure you receive all information you require. This way our team is also aware of the communication and can ensure that products you order are delivered as agreed.


Star Citizen FAQ:


Do I need a Star Citizen Account to buy a star citizen ship from you?

You don’t need an RSI account to buy ships or items from us, but you’ll need an RSI account to receive the ship. Creating such an RSI account is free of charge, yet you will further require at least one game package to actually play the game. Game packages can be acquired on our website here or on the website from RSI, but note that we have special offers for new Star Citizen Fans:

Make a new RSI game account and enlist with RSI!
During enlistment, use either of these two referral codes: STAR-53L9-M4JF or STAR-DF6F-9LQ3
► Doing so will yield you an instant 5.000 UEC, free of charge!
► Please contact us after having used the code and tell us your RSI user name. Doing so will qualify you for either an instant $10 discount voucher for the first game package you buy from us :)


How are Star Citizen products delivered? 

Via Email from RSI that contains a link/code that when claimed, transfers the product to the account your web browser is currently logged into.
For more detail, please see the section "How do buying and delivery work" above.

Is selling and buying products Star Citizen legal?

Yes, you are buying a game pledge for a digital usage license, which is both legal and explicitly allowed by RSI's terms of service.
There is no repercussion even if you inform RSI Support of your purchase, however, they will not support you with third-party purchases - after all, that's what we're here for; i.e. in case of issues with purchases on our site, please contact our support and not theirs :)

What does 'upgrade' and 'CCU' mean?

'Upgrade' refers to pledges that convert a mandatory existing pledge into another. These upgrades require an existing source ship, that will then be converted into a respective target ship. This conversion cannot be undone. CCU means 'cross chassis upgrade - another (older) name for upgrades. Note to differ between Upgrades/CCU's and CCU'ed ships - the latter contains the full vehicle or ship, while the first requires an existing vehicle or ship as a source for the upgrade. If in doubt please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Discord Live Chat, our staff will gladly assist you find the right product.

How do I find the best upgrade?

if you want to upgrade an existing ship into a better one, please feel free to check out Upgrade Navigator, which allows you to calculate and find the best upgrade path from your existing source ship to your desired target ship. For your safety, we recommend only using upgrades from Star Hangar and the official RSI store.


Please note that when buying upgrade chains, I strongly advise not to accept any delivered upgrades to your account, prior to all upgrades being delivered. This especially applies to multi-step upgrade paths as recommended by Upgrade Navigator Accepting and binding upgrades to your account prevents a refund, which may be problematic in case of unexpected delivery issues. I hence recommend to wait until the complete chain is available, before binding it to your account. Only once all upgrade steps are delivered, it will be safe to apply them.

If I upgrade a ship with Lifetime Insurance (LTI), will the new ship have LTI too?

Yes! LTI is retained when upgrading your ships.
Please also refer to our Package & Upgrade FAQ for a detailed explanation of how upgrades work.

If I buy a ship with a conversion (CCU), will I get both the source and the target ship?

No, if a ship is converted (aka ccu'ed), the original model is gone and replaced with the conversion target.
Please also refer to our Package & Upgrade FAQ for a detailed explanation of how upgrades work.


Can I buy ships for my friends or for my family?

yes, that’s really simple too:
Go to our store menu and simply buy the items that you want to gift them. 
Within 24 hours after payment (though usually a lot faster) you will receive an email from, being sent to your email address associated with your verified PayPal account used for the payment.

DO NOT CLICK the link in that email, but simply forward that email to your friend, family, or whomever you want to gift it.

Your friend can then click the code/link contained in the email, which when clicked will instantly transfer the ship to whatever Star Citizen RSI Account your friend is logged into. Please ensure he/she is logged into the right account, as the ship or item cannot be transferred again thereafter!

Please note, however, that we kindly ask you to ensure the ship is picked up, within 48 hours after delivery!


Some of your game packages contain physical items, will I get these too?

These items have not yet been manufactured, but they will be produced and shipped in the near future.
Upon release date, these items will be shipped by RSI themselves directly to you. RSI will use the shipping address defined in your RSI webpage profile for delivery, once this content is produced. See also our Package & Upgrade FAQ for details.’

What do the different package types mean?

When you search for products on our site, you can use the "Filter by Attribute" option, to differentiate between different types of objects:

Single Item: this category includes any individually usable game item, be it a ship, vehicle, or simple handheld gun or clothing.
Upgrades: items in this category convert a mandatorily required source item into a specific target item. Typically one ship model or variant into another.
Add-Ons: this category is for items that cannot be used independently such as e.g. scopes for rifles, or modules that plug into specific ship models.
Game: this category is for bundles that contain both a ship or vehicle and add the required game license to play Star Citizen.
Game + SQ42: this category is for bundles that contain both a ship or vehicle, a contain game licenses for both Star Citizen, and the Squadron 42 single-player campaign.
Collector Ed.: this category is for physical Collector Edition game packages. They include a ship, a game license to play both Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Can I sell my own ships on your webpage?

We gladly sell your ships on consignment and list them on our webpage – just let us know how much you want for your ship or item and we’ll take care of everything else, ensuring all sales are perfectly risk-free for you! Alternatively and for instant payment, you can sell ships and items also directly to us!

► please see here the details for sellers!


Star Base FAQ:

Do I need a Star Base Account to buy a ship from you?

No, you can order a blueprint even without owning a Starbase account - however, note that an account will be required to use the blueprint and to play the game. You can acquire the Starbase game on the Frozenbyte Starbase Website or on Steam.

How are Blueprints delivered?

Blueprints are delivered via email. They need to be copied to your autosave folder from where they are imported into the game.
For more detail, please see the section "How do buying and delivery work" above.

Is selling Starbase Blueprints legal?

While the current ToS of StarBase from the 29th of July 2021 prohibits real money trading for in-game items - this is mainly to discourage automated bot farmers and grinders, which would pollute the game economy.

Game save files are not protected by copyright law and are user-generated content filed under privacy protection law, representing a particular state of your game effort, and thus considered personal data. Your blueprints are player-created property, stored in a file that is not copyright protected and, from our point of view, legal to be traded.

Further note, the developers note in these Terms of Service (in a comment found here) that they are open to a ship commission service for blueprints in the future and are more lenient on those issues; as stated in the forum post by a Frozenbyte Administrator, regarding real money trading: 

“[...] I would like to add that this is a free world (hopefully for everyone reading this, anyway) and nothing stops two people from making an agreement between themselves, but from our perspective, we have to treat all our players fairly [...]”

This is the reason you can find Star Base Blueprint on today, as we believe we can service the growing Star Base community best and are very much invested in the future of Star Base.

Can I buy blueprints for my friends or for my family?

yes, that's allowed.
Just note that the license you acquire allows unlimited, non-commercial use for 1 person. If you want to use the design for multiple persons, please support the seller who often invested hundreds of hours of work to create that design, by acquiring the respective amount of licenses. Note that you are not allowed to re-sell that blueprint.

Can I sell my own designs on your webpage?

We gladly sell your blueprints on consignment and list them on our webpage – just let us know how much you want for your ship or item and we’ll take care of everything else, ensuring all sales are perfectly risk-free for you! Alternatively and for instant payment, you can sell blueprints and items also directly to us!

► please see here the details for sellers!


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