Selling on Star Hangar

Listing your own ships in Star Hangar

Yes, you absolutely can sell your own ships here at Star Hangar – safe & easy!

Tell us what you want to get for your ships, net after all fees and we’ll handle everything else: We will take care of all marketing, negotiations, security and documentation; you benefit of our store reputation and customer frequency on multiple trading platforms! You further remain owner of all your ships until they have actually sold. Note that we do not require your RSI account data and we will not ask you for it!

In order to list your ship(s), simply contact us to sell ships on commission, providing this information:

► your Star-Hangar webpage user id (only the user login id please; we’ll never ask you for your password!)
► the ship or item you wan to sell  (please include a detailed screenshot and make sure the ‘gift’ button is visible)
► the minimum price you’d accept for it (i.e. how much you want to have net, after all fees)
► your verified paypal address where you want to receive your payment
► a sms number for automated notifications when a ship has sold (Please include your national code!)

Note that you can currently commission ships and items that you only own as buyback options. In that case, please send us the screenshot of your buyback options. If you’re unsure as to pricing, our team will gladly provide you with recommendations.

We will then list the ship in our web store and on other platforms we operate on. Any fees and charges required, will be covered by the buyer. (This includes an 8% + 0.35 USD commission fee, as well as an accumulated 9.6% transfer fees from PayPal). Once your ship has sold and once upfront payment has been collected, you’ll be notified and given 24 hours to deliver it; any longer and the deal is cancelled and payment has to be refunded. Once delivery is confirmed, we will forward you your payment making sure you get the agreed amount or more!

Selling ships directly to Star Hangar

No matter if its a single ship you want to part with or whether you’re looking for Star Citizen refund options, Star-Hangar will support you! While you usually get the best result by listing your ships, sometimes an instant sale may be preferable – maybe because an instant payment is required, or because your your ships & items have become account bound. In such a case we gladly help with a direct purchase: easy transfer & safe payment right after delivery!

In order to purchase your assets, simply contact us to sell ships directly to Star Hangar, providing this information:

► Screenshots of your ships & items in your hangar (please specify or include in screenshot whether these items are still gift-able!)
► a verified paypal address of yours, as to where to send the payment

We will then gladly provide you a corresponding purchase offer!