Star Hangar News


Galaxy Guide published!

October 10th 2017
I’ve new content for you to explore: the Galaxy Guide now brings you insight on all the known systems in the universe… all the info packed in a nice overview! Ok, that’s nothing really new, but check it out – I think you’ll appreciate having all the info at one glance, especially if you’re not following all the Lore-Maker videos. We’ll be publishing more system over time, as RSI is releasing more info!


Back to Work!

August 28th 2017
Most of our team has returned from gamescom, with renewed energy and lots of great ideas for the future. We have various new plans, including stepping up content creation and going for a full re-work of our website’s backend! Its still a long way to go – but I can already tell you, that we’ll try retain the current look and feel, however the possibilities you as a customer will have, will be vastly increased; stay posted for more to come! 🙂


Gamescom 2017!

August 20th 2017
Our team will join gamescom – so we’ll be away for a few days. We’ll do our best to keep everything up and running as normal, but please bear with us, if we have slightly slower response and delivery times this week. We’ll make sure to bring our support performance back to top performance by end of this week!


M50 Spotlight Video released!

July 18th 2017
Our M50 Spotlight Video has been released! Thanks again for the Damnshames for pushing out more and more videos for us! Check them all out in our own youtube channel on!


Xi’An Scout Spotlight Video released!

June 24th 2017
Our Xi’An Scout Aopoa Khartu-Al Spotlight Video has been released! Thanks for the Damnshames to support us with such incredible content! Also our Starfarer Video has now breached 1000 views – thanks for all the positive feedback given, we’re glad you like it! Please keep sharing it, those videos are a lot of work and I’m happy if people can see them 🙂


It’s Buccaneer week!

June 6th 2017
Now that RSI’s Eclipse Sale is over, lets take a closer look at one of the existing ships: the dreaded Drake Bucccaneer! Well capable to keep up with Super Hornets and Sabre, this ship has earned its place as the third ship that’s become a favorite choice among some of the best dogfighting pilots! Interested in getting to know the Buccaneeer? Check out our latest content: The Buccaner Buyer’s Guide with its corresponding highres Brochure (linked inside) and our latest video addition, our Buccaner Spotlight Video!


Aurora MR Buyer’s Guide released

May 23rd 2017
This week’s featured ship is the Starfarer Gemini – and accordingly, a new Buyer’s guide has been released – Check this out: our new Starfarer Gemini Buyer’s Guide.
Just click the ‘Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide’ line, to load the corresponding highres brochure created by the DamnShame Team!


Interesting Facts Published!

May 11th 2017
Rougly a month ago, Star Hangar started providing Cards containing Star Citizen Lore and Trivia, giving you an insight into the vast content the Star Citizen Universe provides. Now this collection of these cards is also available for download straight on our homepage’ community resource section: Check out Star Citizen – Interesting Facts!


Aurora MR Buyer’s Guide released

May 9th 2017
I’m proud to announce the highres image guide for the most-sold ship to this day: the Aurora MR Buyer’s Guide.
Check it out and just click the ‘Explore the 4k version of this buyer’s guide’ to load the highres brochure created by the DamnShame Team!


FAQ / Explanation on Ship Upgrades

May 4th 2017
We’ve just added an extensive explanation to how RSI’s ships, packages and upgrades work.
If the topic has been confusing you, feel welcome to check it out.


Loneshade’s Ship Guide published!!

May 2nd 2017
One of our team members published an overview on all ships currently available. If you’re not sure which ship is the right one for you, check this out: Loneshade’s Ship Guide

Also RSI had a sale for the Banu Defender – if you missed it, you can now find it in the Star-Hangar Storer


Caterpillar Buyer’s Guide released!!

Apr. 25th 2017
Damnshames have released a new buyer’s guide check it out:
Caterpillar, Pirate Edition Buyer Guide


Paypal fees increased!

Mar. 29th 2017

FYI – paypal increased fees starting this month. See here:

Paypal’s official announcement
Trusted Reviews’ Media Reaction

As a reaction we’ve stopped the rounding of prices and we’re now actively working to provide you better alternatives in the midterm future.


New Sabre Video released!

Mar 27th 2017
I still need to get better at posting news – anyway, check this out:
– new Video released:”>Sabre Spötlight
– Argo Personal Buyer’s Guide published: incl. the usual highres sway
Stay posted – the list of buyers guides is already huge and more to come on a bi-weekly basis!  And I’ll do my best to post the news more frequently, promised!! 😉


Star-Hangar Spotlight Ship Videos available!

Feb 21nd 2017
seems I’ve been lazy in posting news… but a lot is going on every day – new ships, new sales… but most of all, new Community Resources!
In addition to the High Res Ship brochures you already know, Star-Hangar now sports its own video channel and you can follow us on Youtube: So far two Spotlight videos have been released, the 85x and the Retaliator; especially the latter still gives me the chills every time I watch it: check it out here 😉


Community Resources Updated

Dec 15th 2016
Intimidation is a given. Domination the reward. Join the warriors of legend from the cockpit of a Vanduul Scythe. Now on Star Hangar, check out more on Community Resources!

There’s nothing small about this mini hauler: Discover the beautiful utility that is the Reliant Kore. Now on Star Hangar, check out more on Community Resources!


Community Content Updated

Nov. 13th 2016
Lots of updates on the Community Content, we now have buyer guides for 13 ships completed and more are in the works, with M50 and Freelancer being the latest additions! Well completed isn’t quite true, this is a never ending work to improve them with the latest news, videos and any other content we can think of! Also we are working on other guides for new and experienced players so check out our Community Resources page!

Remember also to check our discord live chat for the latest news and sale offers or to just chat about ships – we’re looking forward to meeting you there!


Minor Delivery Delays

October 11th, 2016
Due to CitizenCon Hype and the massive request for our services, our credit service has encountered its limits – Please expect deliveries to require up to 2 days instead of the regular 24 hours! Thanks for your understanding and please bear with us, the situation should normalize again in a day or two!


Polaris Corvette Sale

October 9th, 2016
CitizenCon is on and RSI has released a new military class capital ship – The RSI Polaris Corvette!
Use this chance to get your military gear now and save 200$ compared to the price of RSI!
Search here for Polaris offers


Community Resources Released

Sept. 19th 2016
Thanks to the hard work of our Damnshames and also the Star Hangar crew, the Community Resources page is now live. Featuring seven original buyers guide packets for Star Citizen ships currently live in the game, this page is intended to be a place for citizens new and old to learn about the ships available. Enjoy gorgeous unaltered high-resolution images of the Mustang Beta, Avenger Stalker, Aurora LN, Cutlass Black, Starfarer, Constellation Andromeda, and Super Hornet!

In the near future, Star Hangar plans to release more original content as well as adding to the curated lists found on the Community Resources page, so please visit us again to see the best content the ‘Verse has to offer.