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Star Citizen Community Resources

Last update: Dec 12th, 2017: added ship shortcut overview

This page is dedicated to all our Star Citizen Fans, aiming to provide you with useful or enjoyable information that will help your gaming experience for newcomers and veteran players alike. We are working to establish a one-stop resource, where you can find anything that we deem noteworthy and useful. The page is under constant development, check back regularly for fresh content.

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New to Star Citizen? These resources help you to start your adventure in the ‘Verse!

DamnShame’s New Player’s Guide to Enlisting
NewLexican’s Refferal Guide (Note link below for cheaper options!)
Cheap Game packages – Everything you need to play Star Citizen!
BoredGamer’s Windows 10 Optimization Guide
Loneshade’s Ship Overview – what fits you best?

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Step inside a ship designed for long, dark voyages into deep space, where you might encounter… anything.

Galaxy Guide by TBH: Introducing known Star Systems
A map to the Yela System by x_Ran_x (v2.6.3)
Endeavor Shortcut
Mustang Beta Buyer’s Guide

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As of yet, the trading mechanic hasn’t been implemented, so there’s not much to show yet – feel welcome to use your time to browse some of our trading ship buyers guide while you stay posted for more to come…

Constellation Andromeda Buyer’s Guide
Freelancer Buyer’s Guide
Starfarer Buyer’s Guide

For additional guides and videos, please see our ship database, at the top right of this webpage.

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Maybe you don’t like all of this “fair play.” Maybe skating the edge of the law is more your style… pity that most mechanics aren’t implemented yet – but have enjoy some highres brochures to get you into the right mood 😉

Buccaneer Buyer’s Guide
Cutlass Black Buyer’s Guide

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Everything you want to know about ships – we’re working hard on making this the most extensive ship database in the ‘verse!
We provide quality videos with the love for detail typical to Star-Hangar. Check out our Spotlight ship pages below, or follow us on our youtube channel and share our videos with your friends to impress them 🙂

All the stats you need:

Malogos’ extensive Star Citizen Database

And eye candy you want:

View all Ship Shortcuts, in alphabetical order…

View all Buyers guides, in alphabetical order…

View all Spotlight Videos, in alphabetical order…

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Its a cruel universe – dangerous and unforgiving. Learn everything you need to survive a fight — or to pick one of your own!

Hornet Wildfire Shortcut
Sabre Shortcut & Ship Spotlight
Polaris Shortcut
Scythe Buyer’s Guide

TemplarOne’s Art of Space Combat – Learn from the best!

Art Of Space Combat Ep1: The J Hook
Art Of Space Combat Ep2: A-Fighting
Art Of Space Combat Ep3: G-Force!
Art Of Space Combat Ep4: Controls
Art Of Space Combat Ep5: Fighter Weapons

Racing banner, 300i against the sun

Bear with me, I’m working to get you some real good content and info soon! In the meantime, enjoy some eye candy:

M50 Buyer’s Guide & Ship Spotlight
Razor Shortcut
Merlin P-52 Buyer Guide

Disclaimer: All content linked here is used with the explicit approval of the authors, creators, or publishers, and/or has been sponsored by Star Hangar.

FYI: Star-Hangar is interested in supporting community content creation. If you have own content you want linked here, or if you need help to realize your own project ideas, do feel welcome to contact us via Email.