Buyers Guide: Sabre

Sabre header image, landed in a hangar

The basics

Make no mistake: Aegis’s one-man Sabre is a triumph. Its lines evoke a sense of coveted power and the scent of jet fuel. It’s no compact fighter, boasting nearly a third of the 6-crew Retaliator in length – yet its design is economical down to its fasteners. Overloaded with four size-3 hardpoints and two more size-2’s, it’s as menacing as it appears. Though some may claim the fighter didn’t fit the UEE’s spec sheet, Sabre owners know the truth: the UEE’s spec sheet didn’t fit the Sabre.

The Sabre’s pedigree is all warrior. There’s no room or time for cargo or extra crew – it’s just the Sabre and its pilot, and the targets it chooses. It chases down enemies and refuses to let them flee, doggedly taking any return fire without flinching. Between its guns, shields, and thrusters, the Sabre is outfitted for war and eager to do its job.


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Sabre in battle


Recommended uses for the Sabre:

    1. Military pilots
    1. Stealth missions
    1. Sensitive site protection
    1. Suppressive fire

Find your own Sabre

Take this brawny, aggressive fighter into the ‘Verse for yourself. Search Star Hangar’s inventory


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“I’m a gambler, not an idiot.” ~ avid Sabre pilot Angel Grezal

Freelancer Angel Grezal knew she was racking up a debt she could never pay…but the call of the cards was too strong, and now she was thousands of UEC in the hole and deeply beholden to notorious crime lord Garoy Bakell. Luckily for her, Angel had more than a few negotiating skills, and a few heated exchanges later, she had a deal with Bakell: if she could take down his arch-nemesis, Bloody Mara, she would be free of her debts.

Her Sabre Temperance made a fine place to sober up while Angel figured out how to take on the infamous Mara, an absolute crack shot in a Gladiator. She decided to lure Mara into a tight space and use the Sabre’s superior shields to duke it out at forced close range. Even better if that tight space just happened to be the service alley into Bakell’s pleasure palace, where the fireworks she’d just delivered the night before were still waiting to be shuttled up to the palace roof…

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